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Uorfi Javed, Shruti Haasan And Others: 5 Celebs Who’ve Been Open About Getting Plastic Surgery


Image was shared by Uorfi Javed (Courtesy: urf7i)

It’s rare to find a celebrity admit to getting cosmetic surgery of any sort, even rarer to have them recommend it. Uorfi Javed did both in the space of a week, posting notes on getting undereye and lip fillers and also writing that she recommends it for those suffering from body image issues – but with a disclaimer, of course: be careful. Here’s a look at five celebrities who have been open about getting surgery.

Uorfi Javed

The fashion influencer has recently been brutally honest about getting work done. She shared an Instagram Story on getting undereye fillers to fix dark circles. “Was so conscious with my undereye dark circles, I always have been. I had them since I was a child. So yea I got undereye fillers and my face looks very… Hoping this will settle. And yeah this is what I look sans make up. I do not wish to be photographed without make up. That’s it. That’s my wish,” she wrote.

In a second post, Uorfi wrote a lengthy note on lip fillers. She revealed that she’s been getting them since she was 18, not always successfully. With a set of pictures of some of these results, Uorfi Javed wrote: “Sharing with you all my lip filler journey. I’ve been getting lip fillers from the age of 18, I didn’t have that much money back then but I always felt my lips were too thin and I wanted bigger fuller lips. I went to dermat deni we’re ready to do it for less and these were the results at times. I had to get them dissolved and mind it it’s the most painful thing ever.”

Unusually for a celebrity, Uorfi recommends fillers for anyone who has insecurities about the way they look – but with a warning to err on the side of caution: “I’m not telling people to not get them but in fact what I’m trying to say is just be careful while getting fillers or Botox. I still very much have lip fillers just that I know what suits my face and I know now less is more. Encouraging everyone to thoroughly research before going to any doctor. I actually recommend fillers to everyone, if you have some insecurities about your face or body instead of hating yourself or your face it’s just better to opt for fillers or surgeries but but but from a very good doctor only.”   

See her post here:

Shruti Haasan

Shruti has been open about body image issues and getting plastic surgery, including a nose job and lip enhancement. In an interaction on The Male Feminist, she revealed that the rhinoplasty was to fix a deviated septum but that she would have done it for cosmetic reasons as well. She said: “But if I could make it prettier, it’s my face, why wouldn’t I? It was that simple. I don’t feel the need to justify why I want to look a certain way for myself.” The actress added how she was trolled by people post her surgery. “They said, ‘Did you get fillers?’ Yeah. I did. ‘And tomorrow, would you get a face lift?’ Maybe, maybe not. Who knows?”

Shruti also shared an Instagram note on her personal choice. “I’m happy to say this is my life, my face and yes, I’ve had plastic surgery which I’m not ashamed to admit. Do I promote it? No. Am I against it? No. It’s just how I choose to live. The biggest favour we can do for ourselves and others is just be and learn to accept the changes and the movement of our bodies and minds,” she wrote.

See her post here:

Anushka Sharma

Trolled for her odd-looking lips in 2014, Anushka revealed that she had used a temporary lip-enhancing tool for the film Bombay Velvet – the film flopped and Anushka trashed the look as well.

Shilpa Shetty

Way back in the early 2000s, Shilpa Shetty told journalist Prabhu Chawla on Seedhi Baat that she had gotten a nose job. “Yes I got my nose fixed. So? I did not do it to make it more beautiful. I did it because I thought it could be better,” she said.

Cindy Crawford

The stunning supermodel has been honest about getting injectables since she was 29. In addition to her healthy lifestyle, Cindy admits that her cosmetic surgeon gets the credit for her skin. She also told Gala magazine, ‘I’m not going to lie to myself: past a certain age, creams work on the texture of your skin but, in order to restore elasticity, all I can really count on is vitamin injections, Botox and collagen.’  

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