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19 Famous People Who’ve Opened Up About Their Journeys To Sobriety


“All of a sudden, the frustration burst out of me,” he wrote in his memoir. “I was, I realize now, completely sober for the first time in ages and I had an overwhelming sense of clarity and anger. I started screaming at God, at the sky, at everyone and no one, full of fury for what had happened to me, for the situation in which I found myself. I yelled, full-lung, at the sky and the ocean. I yelled until I’d let it all out, and I couldn’t yell anymore.” 

He said he’d gone back to rehab a couple more times before it finally began to work for him. “I can honestly say it was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make. But the very fact that I was able to admit to myself that I needed some help — and I was going to do something about it — was an important moment,” he said. “I am no longer shy of putting my hands up and saying: I’m not okay.”

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