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3 Reasons To Catch The Premiere Of C-Drama “Twilight”


Tencent’s “Twilight”—not to be confused with the American Film franchise “Twilight”—has nothing to do with humans and vampires.

Instead, it takes us into the mind of a mystery novel writer Qi Lian Shan (Ren Jia Lun) and psychological counselor Liu Xia (Angelababy) who has the ability to understand the functioning of the human mind. When these two come together, it is nothing short of a rollercoaster of misadventures, romance, and humor. Here is a look at episodes 1 and 2, which leave you curious and wanting more.

 An unlikely couple

Episode 1 starts with a car chase as Ren Jia Lun’s character, who is shown as a detective, is trying to rescue a hostage. In the mean, Liu Xia is on her way to a conference, and alighting on the lift with her is a disturbed man. She gauges he is upset but makes nothing of it. As she enters the conference where she is the star speaker, she realizes the man in the lift is headed to the terrace to jump off the building. Quick witted, she rushes to the terrace and bides time, cajoling him to think of his decision again and managing to save him.

Meanwhile, we realize that Ren Jia Lun is not a detective but writer Qi Lian Shan, who is so immersed in his psychological novel that it turns into a cosplay of sorts with him in it. He witnesses Liu Xia avert the suicide and is mighty impressed. However, he seems to be experiencing writer’s block when it comes to the lack of a female presence in his screenplay, and his publisher is on his case to rewrite his narrative and get a female perspective in.

Adding to his woes, he has to overnight vacate the place he is staying in, and he finds a place to stay with Yuan Yuan (Li Yi Ru). Lian Shan is a bit of an eccentric who works at night and sleeps barely for two hours. Liu Xia, who has been staying with a friend, is also looking for a studio and home to rent in. Her friend Jin Ran (Sun Jia Yu) helps her find a quaint terrace studio, and it seems that’s exactly the place Lian Shan is headed too.

A drama within a drama

Lian Shan’s reality often merges with that of his characters. Lian Shan saves Liu Xia from getting mugged, and unbeknownst to both, they are headed to the same apartment. When Liu Xia wakes up to strange sounds coming from the living room, which is Lian Shan enacting his screen play, the two nearly come to blows. Realizing that they are flatmates has irked Liu Xia enough, but it would be interesting to see if she would actually be the muse Lian Shan seeks. Not to mention, there is growing anticipation to see how he will take Liu Xia on this rollercoaster of scenarios and myriad of characters as they get entwined in an interesting cosplay between characters and their reality. Rest assured, there will be plenty of drama unfolding there—and hopefully a romance as well.

Breaking mental health taboos

Having succeeded in saving a life, Liu Xia is convinced to open her own studio which is accessible to all, unlike the niche clientele her organization serves. Though her senior and executive Jiang Chao (Yang You Li) at Bollman, the counseling center where she works, tries to dissuade her from leaving, saying she will grow with company, Liu Xia is adamant. But will going independent be the best for Liu Xia, as she soon realizes that clients judge her for being young, which makes her incapable to assuage their plight? Liu Xia is determined in her quest to save people, and one realizes she is also burdened by her own past.

What strikes one about “Twilight” is how it sensitively addresses mental health issues and breaks the societal stigma attached to the same. In Liu Xia’s character, we see compassion and the desire to help. On the other, Lian Shan, through his writing, gives an insight into the mind space of people and what makes them do what they do.

Angelbaby’s Liu Xia comes across as a determined and brave young woman. Though nursing her own trauma of the past, she continues to persevere. However, she remains guarded and has an aloof personality. Ren Jia Lun’s Qi Lian Shan is a bit of a maverick and an odd one but has a warm and an easygoing vibe. The push and pull between these two will be interesting to see.

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