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8 Emotional K-Dramas To Watch For The Romantic At Heart


Let’s be real. Almost all K-dramas can be pretty emotional and romantic. After all, there’s a reason why people can’t get enough of them and continue to watch them even though we know what will happen. There is something about the chemistry between the leads, the friendships, the emotional OST, and a romantic storyline that has people coming back for more! If you’re looking for some sweet love lines and incredibly romantic gestures, here are a few K-dramas to add to your watch list.

Something in the Rain

“Something in the Rain” (also known as “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food”) stars Son Ye Jin as Yoon Jin Ah and Jung Hae In as the adorable Seo Joon Hee. The storyline involves Ji Ah and Joon Hee falling in love after having known each other since they were kids. Jin Ah also happens to be best friends with Joon Hee’s older sister. Although there is a bit of an age gap between the two, they fall in love and have to deal with the trials and tribulations of their family members being against their relationship.

The evolving romance between Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin is the complete highlight of this one. There is the continual development of butterflies in your stomach as the two find love in each other. Their kiss scenes, date scenes, and everything in between really make you want to root for their romance. It’s a must-watch for anyone looking for a lovey-dovey romance that hits you in the feels.

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Just Between Lovers

Lee Gang Doo (Lee Junho) has been through a lot in his life. He had aspired to become a soccer player, but because of an accident, his dreams were crushed. As an adult, he’s taken on odd jobs and just barely gets by in life. Ha Moon Soo (Won Jin Ah) has also been through some traumatic events in her life, but she has suppressed her memories of them. She focuses all her attention on becoming a successful architect.

If you want to see Lee Junho really bust out his acting chops, this one is an absolute must-watch. His chemistry with Won Jin Ah is so perfect that you’re guaranteed to binge the series in a short amount of time. Seeing Gang Doo go from experiencing such trauma to finding the love of his life and finally finding peace gives so much peace. It’s the perfect emotional but romantic watch!

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“Run On”

In “Run On,” Im Si Wan plays a former track runner named Ki Sun Kyum who decides to retire as a result of no longer finding happiness in the sport. He meets Oh Mi Joo (Shin Se Kyung), a free-spirited subtitle translator for foreign films. The two are very different, but Sun Kyum takes a strong liking to Mi Joo, and they start to fall in love.

“Run On” is a captivating Korean drama that beautifully captures the essence of emotions. The show weaves a tender and heartfelt tale of love, passion, and self-discovery, leaving viewers emotionally invested in the characters’ journeys. Through its powerful portrayal of love, friendship, and the pursuit of dreams, “Run On” resonates deeply, touching the hearts of its audience and reminding them of the complexities and beauty of human connections. It’s a touching series and a definite must-watch!

Melo is My Nature

Im Jin Joo (Chun Woo Hee), Lee Eun Jung (Jeon Yeo Bin), and Hwang Han Joo (Han Ji Eun) are three women who are over 30, just trying to get through life. They are best friends who lean on each other for help and support. They all have hopes of achieving their dreams and finding love in the process, but things do not seem to always go their way.

“Melo is My Nature” is a series that really hits deep into the feelings of so many relatable situations in life. It celebrates love, loss, mental health, family, friendship, and so much more. Its exploration of the ups and downs of life and the pursuit of dreams makes the series such a heartwarming and thought-provoking watch.

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The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

Starring Seo In Guk as Kim Moo Young and Jung So Min as Yoo Jin Kang, “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” is definitely different from any K-drama you’ll watch this year. Moo Young is a man with a lot of baggage who does not know the truth about what happened to his parents when he was a child. He meets and falls in love with Yoo Jin Kang, and although her initial impression of him is pretty negative, she comes to fall in love with him as well. Jin Kang also being adopted as a child by her older brother (played by Park Sung Woong) plays into the entangled web of mystery that lies in their past.

This drama’s got a gripping and emotionally intense storyline that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. It skillfully combines elements of mystery, romance, and psychological thriller, providing a unique and captivating viewing experience. Not to mention, Seo In Guk’s performance will have you sucked into the storyline, wanting to know what happens. Prepare to see the darkness within the human psyche that will have you emotionally impacted.

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Extraordinary You

“Extraordinary You” is a K-drama that is based on the hit webcomic written by Moo Ryoo, In Ji Hye, and Song Ha Young. This series takes viewers into the world of comic books and what it would be like for the characters to discover that they are characters stuck in a comic book, left helpless at the will of the writer.

“Extraordinary You” is an imaginative drama that offers a fresh and unique twist on the typical high school romance genre. With its creative storyline set in a manhwa world, the show brings a blend of fantasy and reality, making it a fun and engaging watch. The charming chemistry between the lead characters, coupled with the exploration of identity, free will, and the power of storytelling, adds depth to the narrative and ensures an emotionally satisfying experience for viewers.

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“When the Camellia Blooms”

“When the Camellia Blooms” stars Kang Ha Neul and Gong Hyo Jin as two lovers who live in a small town. Dong Baek (Gong Hyo Jin) has a lot of baggage as a result of being abandoned by her son’s father. This doesn’t stop the enigmatic and passionate Hwang Yong Shik (Kang Ha Neul) from falling deeply in love with her and her son. Hwang Yong Shik’s infectious positivity is an attribute that Dong Baek finds solace in despite the hardships of being a single mother.

This series was a hit for a reason. It’s a heartwarming and emotionally resonant Korean drama that beautifully portrays the strength of a mother’s love and the power of forgiveness. The well-developed characters, especially that of Kang Ha Neul’s very much lovable character, provides a touching and unforgettable watch that will tug at your heartstrings!


One of the newer series on this list, “Chocolate” stars Ha Ji Won and Yoon Kye Sang in a story about first love and enduring the hardships of life. Ha Ji Won plays Moon Cha Young, a chef struggling to get by, who falls in love with a neurosurgeon named Lee Kang, played by Yoon Kye Sang. The two are separated as a result of various circumstances and meet again by chance when they are older. Cha Young discovers that the man she is dating is best friends with the love of her life Kang.

A deeply touching and soul-stirring drama, “Chocolate” revolves around the healing power of food and love. The show masterfully weaves together heartwarming romance and heart-wrenching emotions that will make it an emotional ride. The storyline, the performance by the amazing two leads, and beautiful OST will suck you into their world, healing your heart and soul. Make sure you add it to your watch-list now!

Hey Soompiers, which emotional K-dramas do you think are super romantic? Let me know in the comments below!

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