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A Female Fan Brought Her Wife To (G)I-DLE’s Fansign — And Shuhua’s Reaction Is Going Viral


As always, (G)I-DLE‘s recent I Feel fansign was filled with impressive performances and adorable fan-gifted accessories — but the most memorable moment of all was an interaction between the members and one lucky pair of fans. When a Neverland from Taiwan showed up to the fansign with her wife, Shuhua gave them both an unforgettable reaction.

The fan’s friend shared their experience on Twitter with a series of videos from the event, explaining, “My friend went to a fansign last weekend, not only by herself, but with her wife as well.”

Shuhua at the fansign | @ShuShu_cream_s2/Instagram

Wife and wife went together, so cool [puppy eyes emoji]

— The fan’s friend, @Joanne1656, via Twitter

Their friend went on to say, “When Shuhua heard that they’re married, she got so excited, she started hitting the table.” The wife in question managed to capture it all on video, and the way Shuhua gasped in excitement when she heard the news was truly adorable.

After getting over the surprise, the (G)I-DLE star can be seen listening intently to the fan’s words. “Shuhua was so focused on listening,” the fan’s friend revealed on Twitter, “she event forgot that she had to sign.”

And the interaction didn’t stop when the fan’s allotted time was up. After she left the stage, Shuhua began making cute heart gestures at her wife across the room — “seemingly telling her to love and treat her wife well,” the fan’s friend posed.

The pair’s unforgettable experience captured hearts on Twitter, where clips of the interactions racked up tens of thousands of likes.

Later, the fan’s wife joined in the fun by posting her own photo to Instagram.I rewatched the clip,” she explained, “and only just noticed that after [my wife] finished her fansign, Minnie was also giving me a thumbs up.”

Do all five of them know that we’re married or something?

— The fan’s wife, via Instagram

The fan’s wife must be Yuqi-biased herself, judging by the playful quip she added: “Yuqi, I… am unmarried (get’s punched)“.

For fans of (G)I-DLE, Shuhua’s reaction comes as no surprise. During a live broadcast last year, she took the time to counsel some of her LGBTQ+ fans through their concerns. When one fan asked what to do if they like someone of the same gender, Shuhua urged them to go for it and “love bravely.”

She went on to help another viewer with a crush of the same gender handle their unsupportive parents. “Loving someone is something to do with yourself, not your parents,” Shuhua said after carefully considering the situation. Her advice to the fan was to communicate earnestly with their parents, adding, “If they love you, they will accept you in the end.”

You guys don’t know just how powerful love is.

— Shuhua

The other members have all shown signs of support for the LGBTQ+ community in the past too. Miyeon, for example, has rocked Pride-themed nail art multiple times. Minnie counts openly gay singer (and BLACKPINK Jennie‘s The Idol co-star) Troye Sivan as one of her favorite artists, while Soojin once said she’d like to play the role of Lady Hideko, the sapphic protagonist of the Korean film The Handmaiden.

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