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A Man With A Knife Attacks A Teacher On Campus — He Claims To Be A Graduate Of The School


The teacher said something that may make this a crime with a motive.

A stabbing incident occurred at a high school in Daejeon, South Korea, where a teacher was attacked by a man with a knife.

On the morning of August 4, at around 10 a.m., the stabbing incident took place at a high school in Daejeon’s Dadeok-gu district. The perpetrator is believed to be a man in his 20s to 30s, and he fled the scene immediately after the attack.

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According to reports, the victim was a 49-year-old teacher. The police revealed that a witness of the scene claimed to have heard the teacher say, “It’s my fault,” during the attack. Based on this testimony, the police are considering this incident as an act committed by someone with a personal motive.

The suspect introduced himself as a “graduate” of the school when he arrived at the campus’ main gate that morning. Upon hearing that the teacher was in class, the suspect waited outside their classroom and attacked them with a knife when they came out of the classroom to go to the bathroom. He then fled the scene.

The high school in Daegu where the attack occurred | News1

Police officials told Yonhap News that they are currently tracing the suspect who fled the scene and that they have not yet identified his identity. Another police official told News1 that this crime is different from the recent knife-stabbing incidents that have been occurring frequently.

This crime is different from the recent amotivated crimes of amotivation near Seohyun Station in Bundang or in Sillim-dong. It appears to be a personal motive crime, and we will swiftly apprehend the suspect in his 20s to 30s.

— Police official

It was reported that the injured teacher lost consciousness and was immediately transported to the hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery.

The ambulance at the scene of the crime | Yonhap

In response to the incident, the Daejeon Police mobilized a considerable force, including the entire detective team of the Daejeon Police Station, three teams from the Violent Crime Investigation Division, and over 200 officers from the Special Police Force, to conduct a search and arrest operation for the suspect.

The police at the scene of the crime | Yonhap

The Daejeon Police reported that they arrested the suspect approximately 2 hours and 17 minutes after the initial incident. The arrest took place at around 12:20 PM on the same day, on a road about 7 to 8 kilometers away from the scene. As of now, the exact identity of the suspect has not been disclosed by the authorities.

There has been a wave of knife attacks recently, with people posting warnings of their “planned knife attacks” in online communities, such as DC Inside. There were at least 16 warnings of attacks to take place during the weekend of August 4 to 6.

“What’s South Korea Coming To?” — Civilians Thrown Into Panic With 16 Warnings About Knife Attacks Over One Weekend

Source: Wikitree and Segye Ilbo

Content Source: www.koreaboo.com


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