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AfreecaTV BJ Receives A Death Threat In The Middle Of A Live Broadcast From A Mystery Man


It was a confusing situation for both parties.

AfreecaTV broadcaster, BJ Yangpang recently received a death threat during a live broadcast.

On July 30, YangPang uploaded a YouTube short on her channel revealing a phone call with a mystery man. In the video, she called her fellow BJ friend, Lee Ji Sang, and the person on the other end answered. She called out her friend’s name, but instead, a stranger’s voice was heard.

YangPang | @_eunz1nara_/Instagram

The unknown man asked, “Who are you?” and YangPang mistakenly thought it was her friend and replied, “It’s YangPang.” However, realizing something was off, she quickly asked, “Who is this?” She expressed her confusion saying that she dialed the correct phone number. When the man gave her his name, she realized it was not her friend, and she told him, “This is Lee Ji Sang’s phone number!” In response, the man showed signs of anger.

| @YANGPANGofficial/YouTube

Who is this?

— YangPang

The man recognized that he was speaking to BJ YangPang and began to berate her. He began to curse at her and told her to come to the bar he was at.

Just f*ck off, you motherf*cker. Come to [the name of the bar].

— The man


He also asked her if she was broadcasting, and she replied yes. Then he angrily asked her how she got his number, leaving YangPang speechless and confused. As she listened to this, BJ Yangpang’s expression stiffened quickly—especially when she received a death threat from him.

How did you get my number without my consent? And why are you calling me during your live broadcast? You motherf*cker. Do you want to be killed?

— The man

The man was then heard telling someone next to him to get on AfreecaTV, and the person next to him said he was downloading the app. He continued to curse at her, and in this part of the video, YangPang added captions that explained what exactly happened.

My friend left his phone to charge at the bar, and a drunk person picked up his phone instead. In the end, he made a mistake, and then went so far as to threaten me.

— YangPang


A while later, the man and his friend came to YangPang’s live broadcast to apologize and explained that their drunken mistake caused this to happen. They also said they wanted to take responsibility for the damages they may have caused.

We came here to apologize. We must have made you feel terrible and shocked. The phone models were similar, and it happened because we were drunk. We’re really sorry. We’ll leave our contact information. If you contact us, we’ll take further actions regarding the damage we caused.

— The man and his friends

After hearing their apology, YangPang said

Honestly, I was very offended. Even the viewers were shocked and angered because there are so many incidents happening in the world these days… Nevertheless, I’m grateful that they had the courage to come here and apologize, considering that many people wouldn’t apologize and would hide.

— YangPang


Netizens who saw this video expressed various opinions, with some speculating that the men apologized out of fear of legal consequences, while others appreciated BJ Yangpang for acknowledging their apology. Some commented that people don’t easily change and that not everyone resorts to death threats when drunk.

As of now, the video has surpassed one million views on YouTube Shorts and continues to receive significant attention.

Watch the clip here.

Source: @YANGPANGofficial/YouTube and Wikitree

Content Source: www.koreaboo.com


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