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Agreed To Be Pelted With Stones — Bizarre Debate Between Two Korean Men Leads To Death


The two men spent three weeks in a marathon debate.

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This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

According to reports on August 2, KST, police found a man dead inside a parked vehicle on a highway near Yeosu on July 31, prompting an investigation. A second man was discovered inside the same vehicle in a critically injured state.

One of the highways near Yeosu, South Jeolla province | 2012expo.wordpess.com

The police found severe wounds on the thighs of both victims, likely created by external objects. The dead victim’s autopsy revealed he died of excessive bleeding and sepsis from an injury inflicted by stone-pelting.

As police probed into the matter, they discovered that the two victims had been acquainted through an online game for the last three years. The two had been engaged in a prolonged financial dispute, and they had decided to put an end to it with a marathon debate until one of them finally gave in. For the marathon debate, the two men started living together inside a car and spent approximately three weeks arguing. They also reportedly agreed to hit each other with stones whenever they fell asleep during the debate.

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The two men took turns hitting each other’s thighs with rocks five times, leading to one man’s death at around 11:40 am on Saturday, July 29. Both of them sustained injuries on their hands while hitting the other with stones. The police are considering the theory that the two men got over-immersed in their online gaming to the point of being unable to distinguish it from reality.

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The two victims reportedly signed a legal contract, laying down the conditions for this debate marathon. One of the clauses in the document stated that any participant who fell asleep during the process would face physical punishment. But authorities have dismissed any legal claim of the contract and charged the injured man, who is now hospitalized, with manslaughter.

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