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American Musician Doja Cat’s Meltdown Starts A Viral Trend With K-Pop Fans


She has called her fans names on more than one occasion.

American musician Doja Cat‘s recent public meltdown started a viral trend among K-Pop fans and other internet users.

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Doja Cat initially rose to fame in 2018 following the release of her viral novelty song, “Mooo!” Listeners of Pop music are likely familiar with at least one of her hits, including “Say So,” “Juicy,” and “Get Into It (Yuh).”

The talented artist is also known for her eccentric personality and has been involved in controversies over things she has said or done online, like her comments on COVID-19. However, part of her appeal to many fans is her edgy humor, which does not always appeal to the masses.

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Recently, the star has faced criticism over her rumored relationship with controversial internet personality J Cyrus. Amidst this, the star made a series of replies to fans that surprised even those outside of her fandom.

First, the artist posted an update on Threads, insulting fans who use the fandom name Kittenz or Kitten, even though she previously assigned the name herself, even telling a fan to delete their account.

| Threads
| Threads

She made many other replies, but the one that stood out the most was when she said that she doesn’t love her fans because she doesn’t know them. Doja Cat deleted her Threads account shortly after this.

| Threads

Some came to Doja Cat’s defense, saying that she wasn’t wrong and that fans couldn’t expect celebrities to care for fans meaningfully.

These tweets caught the attention of fans worldwide, including those in the K-Pop fandom, who began a viral trend, sharing multiple instances of their faves showing love and care for those that support them.

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