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“Boys Planet” Ollie Exposes How Mnet Fabricated And Manipulated The Rivalry Between The Korean And Global Groups


Boys Planet was highly focused on the stories of the Korean (K) and Global (G) groups. In the first episode, one of the highlights was the performance of “Kick It” by NCT 127. The editing made it seem like both the K and G groups of Yuehua Entertainment had chosen the same song and dance by chance.

Here’s the performance by the K Group.

This is the G Group’s version.

The rivalry was hyped up by the judges, who carefully made comparisons between both groups. Viewers also naturally were able to choose their favorite version. International fans in particular were vocal about their preferences.

YouTube comments on the G Group’s video.

Former contestant Ollie from Yuehua Entertainment’s G Group recently spoke up about it in a live stream.

Originally, our first performance (star level test) was not NCT’s “Kick It.” It was NCT Dream’s “Beatbox.” At that point in time, ur four had been practicing “Beatbox” for about three months-ish already. Then, a week before we prepared to go, they told us that we had to change our first performance to “Kick It.” Then, that was so unfair because the Korean team had always been on “Kick It.” Originally it was supposed to be us performing “Beatbox” and them “Kick It,” but a week before, they suddenly told us that. That we needed to dance the same thing, “Kick It.” At that time, I was so mad.

— Ollie

The production team’s instructions served to create the basis for comparison between the K and G Groups. This phenomenon was seen between the Yuehua Entertainment groups as the company housed both nationalities. The company has a branch in China, and one in South Korea.

This is not the first time that Ollie has spoken up. Read about how Mnet mistreated him below.

“Boys Planet” Contestant Ollie Exposes The Extent Of Mnet’s Mistreatment


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