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BTS’s Suga Makes Unexpected Appearance During Jungkook’s Weverse Live


Jungkook also joined Suga on stage for the Agust D show in Seoul.

BTS‘s Suga made an unexpected appearance during Jungkook‘s latest Weverse Live.


The BTS maknae surprised ARMYs during Suga’s Agust D encore show in Seoul. He performed Agust D and MAX‘s “Burn It” with Suga and his solo single “Seven (feat. Latto).”

Later, Jungkook held a live broadcast via Weverse. As always, he played music, including “Seven,” but when ARMYs asked him to play his favorite songs, he claimed he’d play Suga’s discography instead.

Jungkook also showed off a new gift he received. He revealed to ARMYs that he was gifted a signed Agust D D-DAY album.

Jungkook even did a little unboxing for ARMYs. He showed off his photocard pulls.

Jungkook really is one of us! ARMYs even joked that he was a baby ARMY.

Jungkook did tease Suga about the autographed album, though. He wondered why the rapper only wrote their names.

How come you didn’t write anything else?! It just says, ‘Jungkook!’ JUNGKOOK! That’s all it says.

— Jungkook

Yet, Suga’s autograph and photocards were not the only appearances he made during Jungkook’s live broadcast. He also left several comments.

Oh, Yoongi hyung is here!

— Jungkook

Suga asked Jungkook to sing “Burn It” again. The maknae asked if he could sing tomorrow at the next concert.

Yoongi-hyung, I’m sorry! I messed up. Can’t you give me another chance tomorrow? I’ve been listening to Burn It repeatedly with a sorry heart.

— Jungkook via @ryuminating/Twitter

  • Please sing “Burn It”
  • Burn It
  • Please sing.

Suga turned Jungkook down, though. So, he sang a little for him.

Yoongi-hyung said tomorrow doesn’t work. Doesn’t work!

— Jungkook via @ryuminating/Twitter

| Weverse
  • Not tomorrow
  • No
  • keke lets go

Suga asked him if the concert was exciting, to which Jungkook said, of course, it was.

Yoongi-hyung, you worked hard on the concert. You worked really hard. Of course I was excited! Very excited. Got to see ARMYs. It was so fun. It was so fun like that and I messed up like that, so how must I be feeling? I’m really sorry, hyungnim.

— Jungkook via @ryuminating/Twitter

  • There are two days left keke
  • Jungkook’s so excited
  • Did you have fun at the concert? It’s been a while

Suga also asked if Jungkook was scared by ARMYs’ cheers. But he said he got lost in the energy, thanks to ARMY.

Firstly, it was the first time in so long. It was such a long time since I saw all the ARMY bombs that I felt the weight of the energy and lost myself. Yoongi-hyung, when you were dripping sweat and pushing back your hair!

— Jungkook via @ryuminating/Twitter

  • Wasn’t it because you were scared because of ARMYs’ cheers?
  • Scared?
  • kekekekekkeke

After this brief conversation, Suga left. He explained that he had to sleep to prepare for the next concert.

Yoongi-hyung is really cool. He just said ‘Good job’ and went. Yoongi-hyung said tomorrow doesn’t work. I wonder why.

— Jungkook via @ryuminating/Twitter

  • kekekekeke
  • I’m going now to sleep because of the concert tomorrow
  • Nightie

After Suga left, Jungkook continued the live broadcast, speaking to ARMYs, playing different covers of “Seven,” and singing karaoke.


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