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DIVE Studios Host’s Comment About Girls’ Generation Sunny’s Weight Resurfaces Amid Fatphobia Controversy


DIVE Studios, founded by Eric Nam and his brothers, is home to many podcasts, including Get Real and Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam, as well as the variety show Hwaiting. Some of the hottest Korean celebrities, including K-Pop idols, have hosted and guested on these shows.

Their latest podcast, however, has been receiving criticism due to one of the three hosts.

NCTzens were excited when DIVE Studios revealed that NCT‘s Ten and Yangyang would be hosting the new program Unbelievable. Fans of solo singer Han Heejun were eager to see him too act as a moderator between the two on the debate-style show. Yet, some of his comments left viewers disappointed.

From left: Ten, Yangyang, Han Heejun | DIVE Studios

During the first episode, which was released on August 3, Heejun shared an “unbelievable” TMI story, confessing that he realized how pretty his hairdresser was only after she lost weight. Later in the episode, he unnecessarily made a fat joke about Santa Claus.

I went to the hair shop, and my designer lost her weight. I had no idea she was that pretty before she lost that weight.

— Han Heejun

| DIVE Studios/YouTube
DIVE Studios/YouTube

Viewers were disturbed by Han Heejun’s comments and requested DIVE Studios to remove him as a host. Later, netizens called out DIVE Studios for quietly editing out the problematic moments without acknowledging and apologizing for it.

They also pointed out that Heejun’s offensive “jokes” are hypocritical to DIVE Studios’ image as a diverse company that prioritizes mental health, inclusion, etc.

Now, Han Heejun’s past comments have resurfaced in light of his current controversy.

Netizens previously remembered that Han Heejun had finished ninth place on the eleventh season of American Idol. He made questionable jokes even back then but was known for his humor. He teased the judges about their appearances.

A couple of years later, he was a finalist in the top six of K-pop Star 3. In 2018, he co-hosted After School Club, replacing eaJ (also known as DAY6‘s Jae).

Now, netizens are realizing that he has made fatphobic comments before. In April 2020, Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny shared a couple of cute selfies, captioned, “I love myself.” She also included hashtags about wanting to eat but also lose weight.

I love myself #toomuch #😝 #I treasure myself a lot, obviously
#Don’t wanna lose even a gram of myself
#When am I going to lose weight?
#You do you, Soonkyu, whatever you want
#Eat whatever you want
#Pilates instructor-nim, I love you
#Covering up my plump cheeks
#Gah! #🤪

— Sunny

A few celebrity friends left comments, including K-Pop backup dancer Cha Hyun Seung and actor Kim Ji Seok. Cha just laughed while Kim commented, “Thank you” (fan fact: he’s known her since elementary school). On the other hand, Han Heejun commented, “We all need somebody fat to lean on.” 

Some netizens have resurfaced the comment, quote-tweeting DIVE Studios.

Yet, Han Heejun himself has been subject to comments about his image, having lost weight in the public eye. He previously shared how he lost weight.

I lost about 10kg (approx. 22lbs) compared to my last album. Since ‘American Idol’, I lost 39kg (approx. 64lbs). But I lost it in the span of 5 years so I did it in a fairly healthy way. I stopped eating sugar, rice, flour, salt, and other white food while eating all kinds of vegetables and meat.

— Han Heejun

Despite all this, Heejun has also been seen to be supportive of fellow K-Pop stars, his After School Club co-host JAMIE, when she mentioned her weight.

At this time, DIVE Studios has deleted Han Heejun’s offensive comments during Unbeliavable but has not made a statement. Read more below.

Dive Studios Host Under Fire For “Unbelievable” Sexist And Fatphobic Comments

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