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EXO’s D.O. Shares Heartwarming Interaction With SEVENTEEN Fan


“I’m a CARAT but…”

A single moment can remind us of the heartfelt bond between K-Pop idols and fans. Such a moment arose when EXO‘s D.O. engaged in a touching interaction with a SEVENTEEN fan during a video recording for the 1theK Originals YouTube channel. The heartwarming gesture from the CARAT led to an even sweeter comment from D.O. toward fellow boy band SEVENTEEN.

D.O. for EXO’s “Cream Soda” | SM Entertainment

The moment happened during a segment where D.O. (real name Doh Kyungsoo) was reading through fans’ comments and his social media profiles. Out of the thousands of supportive messages, one particular comment caught D.O.’s attention. It was from a CARAT, who enthusiastically praised D.O. for his diverse talents.

I’m a CARAT but isn’t [D.O.] such a multi-talented guy? He does K-Dramas, films, and even tap dance. That’s amazing.


| 1theK Originals/YouTube

This genuine appreciation from a fan of another group took D.O. by surprise, leading to his response that touched the hearts of millions of fans across various fandoms.

Even SEVENTEEN fans rooted for me. Thank you very much. I also support SEVENTEEN. They are so cool, really!

— EXO’s D.O.

| 1theK Originals/YouTube

His warm acknowledgment and reciprocation of support for SEVENTEEN elicited a wave of positive responses from both EXO-Ls and CARATs, creating an endearing moment of unity between the two fiery fandoms.

| 1theK Originals/YouTube

D.O.’s words serve as a heartening reminder that the essence of fandom isn’t just about supporting one’s own favorite group but also about appreciating and respecting the talent that exists across the K-Pop universe. This sweet interaction between D.O. and a SEVENTEEN fan sheds light on the broader scope of the K-Pop fandom that often goes unnoticed amid rivalries and competition.

D.O. for EXO’s “Cream Soda” | SM Entertainment

It’s indeed heartwarming to see such exchanges taking place, especially from a star like D.O., who’s not only known for his mesmerizing vocals and acting skills but also for his humility and down-to-earth nature. His gesture highlighted that idols, just like their fans, can cross fandom boundaries to recognize and appreciate one another’s work.

SEVENTEEN | Pledis Entertainment

The warm sentiment D.O. expressed towards SEVENTEEN also emphasizes the mutual respect and admiration among K-Pop artists themselves. After all, the world of K-Pop is one big family, where each group contributes to the rich, diverse tapestry of talent that captivates fans globally.

So, whether you’re an EXO-L, a CARAT, or a fan of any other group, let’s take a page out of D.O.’s book and keep supporting the phenomenal talents across the K-pop industry. After all, as D.O. himself said, they’re all “so cool, really!”


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