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Fans Are Flabbergasted By Newest Evidence Of NCT Yuta’s Mistreatment By SM Entertainment


The list of fans’ grievances continues to grow.

NCTzens claim to have been given even more evidence of NCT Yuta‘s mistreatment at the hands of SM Entertainment.

NCT’s Yuta | SM Entertainment

Over the last few years, fans of Yuta have raised concerns over how SM Entertainment has treated the artist. Regarding his individual schedules and activities, fans have pointed out that NCT’s official accounts are often delayed in posting about them, if at all.

At one point, SM Entertainment edited out a portion of a stream where Taeyong praised Yuta’s solo achievements.

There have also been safety concerns — when Yuta returned from Japan in June 2022 and during his time in Paris for Paris Fashion Week earlier this summer, he was noticeably missing security.

Earlier this month, netizens accused SM Entertainment Director and COO Tak Young Jun of exploiting Yuta and aespa‘s Giselle, providing proof of this with captured images of the director’s alleged preferential behavior.

Image claiming Tak Young Jun liked all members of NCT 127’s posts besides Yuta. 

Now fans believed they have been given even more proof of Yuta’s mistreatment.

Normally, when members of NCT attend an event like the various fashion weeks, behind-the-scenes content will be shared. Following Jaehyun and Doyoung’s Milan Fashion Week appearances, each had a vlog showing their experience posted.

As previously stated, Yuta attended Louis Vuitton‘s Paris Fashion Week event in June, and fans waited patiently for his vlog, only to be sorely disappointed once it was.

Fans pointed out that instead of being taken by professional film equipment, much of Yuta’s content at the show was filmed on a cell phone, with some taken from one of the new publications in attendance.

The content from before the show also mainly consists of Yuta walking around the city and does not show the same show preparations that are in other fashion week vlogs.

Fans expressed bewilderment and anger over what many call blatant mistreatment of Yuta. Many shared they only wished for him to be treated like other members.

You can check out the vlog below.


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