Home Music Former IKON Member B.I Enters Melon Top 100, Korean Netizens React

Former IKON Member B.I Enters Melon Top 100, Korean Netizens React

Former IKON Member B.I Enters Melon Top 100, Korean Netizens React

“He has always been talented…”

Former IKON member B.I, who has been the subject of both praise and controversy, has made quite the comeback to the K-Pop scene. His latest single, “Dare to Love,” featuring Big Naughty, has reached the number 95 spot on the MelOn Top 100 chart, a significant achievement following his long hiatus from the music industry.

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As the song climbs the charts, Korean netizens on the popular community site, TheQoo, are reacting with a range of emotions — from praise toward his undeniable talent to skepticism and criticism tied to his past controversy.

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A large group of fans took to TheQoo to express their support for B.I, praising his undeniable talent both as a dancer and a producer. It seems like B.I’s ability to produce hits took netizens by surprise. “He has always been talented… TBH, I listened to ‘BTBT’ and became a fan. I never knew he was such a good dancer, too,” one fan wrote, while another noted, “I think, for the number of hits he has produced, he doesn’t get enough recognition. Let’s be honest. His works have all been great.

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The catchy tune of “Dare to Love” has proven to be an undeniable factor in its rapid ascent up the charts. Many fans confessed to being entranced by the song’s hook, even in bite-sized snippets. One netizen admitted, “I mean, the song’s good… I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet, but it keeps playing all over YouTube Shorts. Haha. And I watch every single one that uses the song. The 15 seconds of it.

However, not all the reactions were positive. Amid the sea of praises for B.I’s musical prowess, there were some netizens who couldn’t overlook his past drug scandal. “So what if the song’s good? It’s by a druggie. Pfft.” This critical comment shines a light on the reality that B.I’s past controversy continues to impact some people’s perception of him.

The drug scandal the commenter referred to is one that led to B.I’s departure from the beloved boy group IKON back in 2019. Accusations were made regarding his purchase and use of illegal drugs in 2016. The controversy dealt a significant blow to B.I’s career, leading him to leave IKON and go on hiatus for some time.

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Despite the past controversy, many netizens believe in B.I’s capacity for growth and change. One such supportive comment stated, “It’s a good song. He’s good at making music. Listen to the whole album, and you’ll realize he’s super talented. I was surprised…

As B.I’s “Dare to Love” continues to rise on the MelOn Top 100 chart, the various responses from netizens reflect the complexity of his career journey. Whether it’s the fans who celebrate his musical talents or the critics who remain dubious due to his past, B.I’s story continues to unfold in the limelight.

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