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GOT7 Fans Come Up With Evidence Jay B’s Alleged Private Messages With Influencer May Be Faked


On July 18, an online post, “The Male Idol Who Sends DMs To Non-Celebrities” was shared on a Korean forum. In the posting, the OP shared several messages allegedly sent to a fashion model and influencers by GOT7‘s Jay B.

GOT7’s Jay B | CDNZA Records

Alleged screenshots show the idol chatting with the influencer, asking her about her age and interests.

One of the three alleged screenshots shared. | theqoo
  • Influencer: I enjoyed watching Dream High 2.
  • Jay B: Lol. That was a long time ago, lol. How old were you then?
  • Influencer: I think I was in the first year of Middle School!
  • Jay B: Lol. What do you usually like to do?
  • Influencer: I work and hang out with friends, lol. Did you find my account because it just popped up?
  • Jay B: Yes, yes. Lol. I saw your account because it had popped up.
  • Influencer: Lol. Aren’t you busy these days?
  • Jay B: I haven’t been busy since I’m serving as a public servant, lol. Are you busy?

Netizens reacted overwhelmingly negatively, with some even calling the idol names.

| theqoo
  • “What is Ddip?”
  • “Is this real…?”
  • “I don’t really care, but him asking if she goes clubbing is such a turnoff.”
  • “For those who don’t know, ‘Ddip’ is what we used to say in Elementary School. If someone asks, ‘Who wants to eat chips?’ Those who wanted to eat it would yell ‘Ddip,’ and the first person to say it would get to eat it. Kids would use it to mean that they wanted to eat/receive something.”
  • “Wow, that’s so trashy.”
  • “What’s up with this guy?”
  • “Oh, thank god he didn’t re-sign… LOL, I hope he doesn’t get involved with my bias anymore.”
  • “Ah, oh my god.”
  • “Looking at the woman’s Instagram account, she is the sexy type… So I think I know why he DMed her…”
  • “LOL, someone teach this guy how to meet women.”
  • “So he was this type of person…. I used to like him…”

Following the leak, some fans claim to have found evidence the private message were actually faked.

First, a fan pointed out that the DMs shared did not show a verified check mark next to Jay B’s screen name. When messaging a verified user, the check mark will normally appear next to the name.

Another fan pointed out that the language details of the exchange did not make sense — the information shown at the top of the alleged messages with the influencer is in English, while others are in Korean. Normally, these items will match the phone’s settings and be uniform.

| @magnetic_jb/Twitter

Lastly, a fan took the screenshots through photo editing software, claiming the image was pieced together instead of being authentic.

While the screenshots may have been faked, many do not see any issues with Jay B sending messages, especially because of their content.

What are your thoughts?


Content Source: www.koreaboo.com


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