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“I Almost Went Bankrupt!” Epik High’s Tablo Spends So Much Money On K-Pop Merch For An Unexpected Reason


Epik High‘s Tablo nearly went bankrupt because of K-Pop?!

Tablo | DIVE Studios’ MINDSET

Tablo guested on Episode 1 of Jaejoong‘s (formerly known as TVXQ‘s Hero Jae Joong) Jae Friends. During the interview, Jaejoong asked Tablo who his daughter Haru‘s favorite celebrities were. Tablo revealed her ult K-Pop groups to be BTS, Stray Kids, and SEVENTEEN.

Jaejoong: Who is her favorite celebrity?

Tablo: She likes BTS, Stray Kids, and SEVENTEEN.

Jaejoong: Same.

Tablo revealed he knows a lot about K-Pop, including their songs. Yet, the conversation took a turn as he revealed that he had also spent a lot of money due to K-Pop.

Tablo: I know lots of K-Pop idol songs. To be honest, I need to get something from this industry. The amount of money I’m spending on K-Pop…

Jaejoong: Is that from the parent’s perspective?

Tablo teasingly complained about the various versions of K-Pop albums and their cost. He even blamed TVXQ for starting the trend.

Tablo: And the cost for just one album these days… I think it’s the same for you guys. How many versions did your album have?

Jaejoong: There were several versions.

Tablo: You guys have started that. You guys were the first one, but the stone you guys slightly rolled, it now became a huge rock. There are 20 versions just for one album.

Jaejoong sighed, “People could have just listened to the music. Is it that necessary to buy a CD?” Tablo retorted that he had to buy the albums because of photocards, and again, he blamed Jaejoong’s group. Yet, Tablo concluded that he nearly went bankrupt due to his K-Pop purchases.

It’s because of photocards. It’s also from you guys. Everything’s all because of you guys. The things I’ve bought, I almost went bankrupt!

— Tablo

The clip went viral with 2.9M views at the time of writing. K-Pop fans were amused by Tablo’s complaints and found it incredibly relatable.

But as the clip went viral, netizens said that the photocards were for his daughter, Haru. So, Tablo sort of clarified. He quote-tweeted one fan, saying that it’s “funny that ppl think the pc collection is for Haru,” implying it’s actually for himself.

ARMYs were not all that shocked, though. They remembered that Tablo had asked Suga to sign a figurine of the BTS rapper while confessing that he collected them during Suchwita.

Now, K-Pop fans are curious to see Tablo’s photocard collection. Some teased him that he could take even better pictures of the idols since he’s friends with them (namely BTS).

Whether or not the PC collection is his or Haru’s, there’s no denying he’s a great and supportive father. Previously, he helped his daughter with her homework by bringing Haru to the set of the filming of Suchwita so she could work on a school project about BTS. Read more below.

Epik High’s Tablo Shares How BTS’s Suga Helped His Daughter With Her Homework

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