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“I Want To Perform So Bad”: BTS’s Jin Emotional Phone Call With Suga After Enlisting


All seven members feel the same way.

The latest episode of Suga‘s talk show, Suchwita, had a poignant moment when Jungkook and Suga candidly discussed their shared yearning for concert performances. The two members of BTS also revealed that even Jin, currently serving his military service, is longing for the stage.

Jin | Weverse

As they reminisced about the electrifying energy of live performances, Jungkook admitted to wanting more of it. He also added that, unfortunately, they can’t do that right now.  With current circumstances making it impossible for the group to hold concerts, both members were left contemplating the exhilaration of performing live, an experience they profoundly miss.

Honestly, I want to do more of that. We can’t now, not right now.

— BTS’s Jungkook

Jungkook performing “Euphoria.” | theultimatedodo/YouTube

Suga, acknowledging the situation, added, “It’s physically impossible right now.” However, he echoed Jungkook’s sentiment, leaving fans feeling a profound sense of longing. The exchange revealed not only the passion the members of BTS hold for their craft but also their deep love for their fans, whom they’re eager to reconnect with on stage.

Perhaps the most heartfelt revelation came when Suga mentioned Jin’s feelings. Despite being away from the group due to his military service, Jin seems to share the same longing.

When Seokjin went to serve, he called and said, ‘Yoongi, I want to perform so bad.’

— BTS’s Suga

Jungkook further confirmed Suga’s confession of Jin’s feelings, adding that they all feel the same way.

He talks about that in our group chat too. We all feel the same way.

— BTS’s Jungkook

Jin’s longing to return to the stage, even amidst his military service, underlines the passion and dedication that make BTS the global phenomenon they are today. Despite their individual paths at the moment, the members’ shared love for performance and their fans undeniably keep them connected.

The conversation wrapped up with Suga reflecting on their experiences on stage, concluding that to them, performing has always been the most fun.

It’s so fun. Performing on stage is just fun.

— BTS’s Suga

The members of BTS may be walking different paths right now, but their collective heart clearly beats for the stage and their fans. While fans eagerly wait for the day when the global phenomenon can perform live again, moments like these remind them of the deep bond the members share with them and the stage.

Until then, fans stand by, offering their unwavering support and looking forward to the day when the group can reunite and grace the stage once more.

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