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“It Feels Like She Used Me” — Actress Ahn Eun Jin “Exposes” Kim Go Eun’s Personality During College Days


The actresses were close friends in college.

On July 28, actress Kim Go Eun appeared in a video titled “The Way To Get Over Sadness, As Told By Actress Kim Go Eun” on a new YouTube channel called Aglory. She sat down with three other hosts and talked about her career, opened up about mental hardships, and shared fun stories from her life.

Kim Go Eun | @ggonekim/Instagram

During the interview, the hosts revealed that originally, another guest was supposed to appear with Kim Go Eun in the video, and it was none other than Ahn Eun Jin, a fellow K-Drama actress, most recently seen in the global hit Good Bad Mother.

Ahn Eun Jin | @eunjin___a /Instagram

Apart from being industry colleagues, the two actresses actually go way back when they were both studying at the Korea National University of Arts. They were in the same class and shared a close friendship.

Kim Go Eun with Ahn Eun Jin | Pinterest

So, when one of the hosts called up Ahn from the studio and asked her to reveal a secret of Kim’s, she had to take a moment to choose which one would be appropriate for the occasion. Though Kim Go Eun showed her full confidence in her ex-classmate to pick a good story, Ahn surprisingly revealed that from her perspective, it felt like Kim “used” her back in college, where she was extremely popular.

If I were to thoroughly reveal from my perspective, because of her immense popularity, I’ve chased her around more than just a couple of times…It feels like she used me, now that I think about it.

—Ahn Eun Jin

The hosts were visibly excited to hear why Ahn kicked off the story with such a strong statement. The actress continued that since Kim Go Eun was so popular in the university, male seniors would often approach Ahn to find out what Kim Go Eun was up to!

When one of the hosts jokingly asked if Kim Go Eun used to lie about being with Ahn Eun Jin to go meet other guys, the actress revealed that Kim really used to hang out with her all the time!

Kim Go Eun and Ahn Eun Jin were both part of the Korea National University of Arts as the 10th class and majored in acting. It is widely known among Kim’s fans that she was dubbed one of the Top 3 goddesses in her university due to her tremendous popularity among the students.

| @aglory704/YouTube

Though Ahn Eun Jin revealed Kim’s secret feigning a sense of frustration, her friend couldn’t help thanking her for “exposing” her in a way that ended up being a major flex!

| @aglory704/YouTube

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