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K-Pop’s Status Is On The Rise As Top Stars Begin To Make Appearances In Music Videos


Who do you think the next top star appearance will be?

Recently, top stars making surprise appearances in K-Pop idol music videos are becoming a hot topic in the K-Entertainment industry. From Hong Kong’s top actor Tony Leung, to Jung Ho Yeon from Netflix’s Squid Game, and Han So Hee, various actors have been making their way into the K-Pop world.

Recently, K-Pop girl group NewJeans dropped the Side A and Side B versions of the “Cool With You” music video online. While there were many speculations about who the two global stars would be, it was ultimately revealed to be Tony Leung and Jung Ho Yeon. The concept of the music video was a modern adaption of the Greek myth Psyche and Eros, with Jung taking the role of Eros, abandoning her status as a god and choosing love. Leung appeared briefly, but it was enough to gain much attention.


In particular, it is known that producer Min Hee Jin directly stepped forward to recruit Tony Leung for the video. This also became a hot issue as it was revealed that Leung confirmed to appear in the video as no guarantee, drawing more attention.

Leung stated, “I had the opportunity, and I wanted to give a small gift to Korean fans.” Jung Ho Yeon also stated, “Being a fan of NewJeans, I had a lot of fun filming for the video, and it was made possible thanks to the staff members and Tony Leung. I hope the joyful energy will be felt by all those who watch it.”

The two actors left a strong impression by showing desperate and charismatic acting skills without a single line, adding to the atmosphere of the video. Netizens that saw the video were shocked at the star-studded lineup for the video.

  • “Their charisma is no joke.”
  • “I had goosebumps at Tony Leung’s acting. Both of them are so good.”
  • “I was immersed in the video due to their acting.”
  • “This truly shows the popularity and stardom of NewJeans.”

In addition, actress Han So Hee recently appeared in BTS Jungkook’s first solo single, “Seven.” The single is a passionate serenade with lyrics about wanting to be with the person you love all week. The two appear as lovers fighting throughout the week as Jungkook tries to prove his love for her.


News of the video attracted attention right after the teaser was released and rose to the top of YouTube’s trending charts immediately after its release. Currently, it has exceeded 94 million views on the HYBE LABELS YouTube channel.

Top star appearances in K-Pop idol music videos prove how much K-Pop’s status has risen. In addition, expectations are rising as to which other top stars will be meeting with K-Pop idols.

Content Source: www.koreaboo.com


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