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Korean Netizens Flame EXO’s D.O. After Idol Is Allegedly Caught Smoking Indoors


“F@cking turn-off.”

EXO‘s D.O. is catching backlash from Korean netizens after a clip seemingly showing the idol smoking indoors went viral.

D.O. | DongA Ilbo

On August 4, an online post titled “Do Kyung Soo (D.O.) Is Alleged To Have Smoked Inside A Music Show Dressing Room” went viral.

In the post, the author uploaded a tweet seemingly showing EXO member Baekhyun practicing inside a dressing room of a music show.

Oh, wow. Baekhyun is practicing “In Bloom.”

— @baekhyun_luv_

Although the clip seemed innocuous at first, eagled-eyed netizens, however, noticed that D.O., who was in the background, seemed to be exhaling smoke out of his nose.

Netizens reacted to the clip in disappointment. Although an adult choosing to smoke is understandable, in Korea, it is very taboo to smoke indoors. Others criticized the idol for exposing staff and his fellow members to harmful second-hand smoke.

  • “Wow. I bet it would be so hard for non-smokers. Whether it is cigarettes or e-cigs, the smoke smells horrible.”
  • “There are so many people these days who smoke e-cigs indoors. They think that it is alright… Sigh.”
  • “I heard there are a lot of idols who smoke e-cigs inside their dressing room.”
  • “F@cking turn-off.”
  • “How rude. He’s smoking in front of staff, LOL. This is an abuse of power.”
  • “Smoking is okay, but smoking indoors is a turn-off.”
  • “Smoking is the only reason why you’d blow smoke from your nose.”
  • “I feel bad for the staff. They have to work while inhaling cigarette smoke.”
  • “I’d understand if he was alone, but he did this in front of staff… Isn’t this an abuse of power? A lot of people smoke, so I don’t mind if he does, but this is an issue with his attitude.”

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