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Koreans “Feel Sorry” For Han So Hee’s Management Trying Their Best At Damage Control


“I’ve never, ever in my life, felt for the employees of a management company…”

Following actress Han So Hee‘s bursts of online rage leading up to the split with her now ex-boyfriend Ryu Jun Yeol, her management, 9ATO Entertainment, issued an official statement confirming the breakup.

Han So Hee
Actress Han So Hee | @xeesoxee/Instagram

In the statement, the management acknowledged that the actress “made both herself and the public suffer” and apologized for the string of events that shook the entertainment industry.

Han So Hee’s Agency Releases Official Statement Regarding Break Up With Ryu Jun Yeol

The management also admitted that it “failed” to be a “home” to the actress, unable to care for her in her time of distress.

Han So Hee and actor Ryu Jun Yeol have broken up. They realized that their roles as actors were greater. They have promised not to waste any emotions on personal matters any longer.

Han So Hee has made both herself and the public suffer due to her personal feelings all this time. The way she communicated [with the public] was not right. She is sorry. She will duly receive whatever criticism [there is]. Moreover, our responsibility is huge for not being able to care for her as her agency. The company failed in its role as being her home. We are reflecting. Although it is very late, we are trying to correct it from now on.

We hope you will continue to watch over her. She will return in a healthier state.

— 9ATO Entertainment

After the statement, amid Han So Hee posting and then deleting the meme of Nicole Kidman—reported to have taken the management’s convincing, Koreans are expressing sympathy for 9ATO Entertainment.

Agency Allegedly Cracks Down On Han So Hee

Calling out Han So Hee’s rash behavior over the past two weeks, Koreans commented via online communities like theqoo that the management “seems to be exhausted” and that 9ATO Entertainment employees should not have had to apologize for the unforeseen erratic actions of their signed artist.

| theqoo
  • Hwaiting to the management… The statement sounds exhausted.”
  • “I’m scared of her, so I won’t be rooting for her from now on.”
  • “I feel bad for the management.”
  • “Well… Your managing artist scolded people to stop following her. So I hope she doesn’t get signed to K-Dramas or advertisement deals.”
  • “I’ve never, ever in my life, felt for the employees of a management company.”
  • “The management did all that it could. The statement tells all… 9ATO tried. It’s not like the management can keep Han So Hee from using her phone or whatever. Like, what did the management do wrong here?”
  • “It sounds like the management is struggling…”
Screenshot 2024-03-30 at 8.45.01 PM
| theqoo
  • “Aw. Must have been exhausting for the management.”
  • “LMAO. The statement reads like it was written by someone completely sick and tired of it all. Haha.”
  • [Deleted]
  • “She’s not a child. It’s not like the management needed to keep eyes on her as if she was a minor.”
  • “I feel bad for the management, but I guess 9ATO has to keep working with Han So Hee because she brings them the cash. Sucks that some of them probably had to work on the weekend because of her.”
  • Aigoo…
  • “So she’s not going to lash out online anymore, right? LOL. Sigh.”
  • “I feel bad for the management… Like, this reminds me of K-Drama scenes where the management struggles because of their managing artists who are troublemakers.”
  • “IDK. I’m willing to bet that she’s going to f*ck up again. Haha.”
  • “For real… I feel for the management.”
  • “The management did literally nothing wrong.”

Previously, a manager from 9ATO Entertainment spoke to a Korean outlet about her “uncontrollable” personality.

Han So Hee’s Manager Testifies To Her “Uncontrollable” Personality

Content Source: www.koreaboo.com


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