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Namgoong Min, Ahn Eun Jin, Lee Hak Joo, And Lee Da In Dish On Their Chemistry On Set Of “My Dearest”


The cast of MBC’s “My Dearest” talked about their chemistry!

Set in the Joseon dynasty, “My Dearest” is a historical romance drama about the love story between a man named Lee Jang Hyun (Namgoong Min), who has declared that he will not marry, and a woman named Yoo Gil Chae (Ahn Eun Jin), who dreams of finding love again even after two failed marriages. Lee Hak Joo plays Nam Yeon Joon, a promising Confucian student studying at Sungkyunkwan, while Lee Da In plays Kyung Eun Ae, Nam Yeon Joon’s fiancée and Yoo Gil Chae’s best friend.

Namgoong Min

Namgoong Min shared, “Actress Ahn Eun Jin showcased the bubbly and lovable charms of the character Gil Chae through her own style. Thanks to that, we were able to act out the romance without any difficulty.”

He continued, “I am also filming well with actors Lee Hak Joo and Lee Da In while being considerate of each other. I had the thought that it would be nice to meet actor Lee Hak Joo through a project once, and I am anticipating how [his performance] will appear through the broadcast because I think the character of Nam Yeon Joon that he takes on in ‘My Dearest’ fits well with his own personality. I am also connected to actress Lee Da In through the project ‘Doctor Prisoner‘ from four years ago, and I was really happy to meet again for the first time in a long while, and we are filming enjoyably with great chemistry.”

Ahn Eun Jin

Ahn Eun Jin remarked, “I am receiving a lot of help from Namgoong Min. He always looks affectionately as Jang Hyun behind the camera, so it’s a set where I don’t even need to act.”

She added, “I was strongly linked to actress Lee Da In while filming a scene where we flee together early on. Since a sense of comradeship was developed, I could only see her as a friend I love. So in the areas where Eun Ae and Gil Chae’s friendship meet, I end up crying even when we’re only looking at each other. Laughter is endless when filming with actor Lee Hak Joo. Although Lee Hak Joo is more serious than anyone else when filming, he is a really witty person in the moments he isn’t filming. It’s always enjoyable when acting [with him] because he makes his counterpart feel comfortable.”

Lee Hak Joo

Lee Hak Joo dished, “It was so nice when the four actors met together, and we were always able to film enjoyably with high energy. Namgoong Min is embracing the entire project. He is a reliable senior actor who makes you feel secure when acting with him. I always looked forward to the scenes meeting Jang Hyun.”

He continued, “Actress Ahn Eun Jin has bright energy, and she has the charm of making people feel better just by looking at her. She immersed perfectly into the role to the point I wonder if there is another actress in the world who would suit the character of Yoo Gil Chae better. Furthermore, actress Lee Da In has unexpected charms despite her neat image. She has a great sense of humor, and she incorporated that naturally within the character of Kyung Eun Ae, creating an even richer character.”

Lee Da In

Lee Da In remarked, “Namgoong Min is an actor with extraordinary leadership in many ways. He always gives advice to all the actors in addition to me, and I always trust and rely on him on set because he works hard to lead the drama well.”

She continued, “Actress Ahn Eun Jin treated me comfortably like a friend. I’m not sure if it’s because we filmed difficult scenes together, but I think we have become fond like Gil Chae and Eun Ae. Furthermore, I attended the same school as actor Lee Hak Joo, and he actually has a playful and fun side like Yeon Joon, so I couldn’t stop smiling when working together with him. I was so very happy on set of ‘My Dearest.’”

“My Dearest” will premiere on August 4 at 9:50 p.m. KST.

While you wait, watch Namgoong Min and Lee Da In in “Doctor Prisoner”:

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