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“Once, Somebody Spit On My Face”: How Singer Eric Nam Turned His Bullying Experience Into An Opportunity


Much respect to the multi-talented singer!

Singer Eric Nam recently shared a story of being bullied as one of the few Asian students at his school and how that motivated him.

Eric Nam | @ericnam/Instagram

In a recent episode of the popular talk show PSICK SHOW on the YouTube channel Psick Univ, Eric Nam was interviewed by the three comedian hosts, Lee Yong Ju, Kim Min Su, and Jung Jae Hyung.

Kim Min Su, Eric Nam, Jung Jae Hyung, and Lee Yong Ju (left to right) | @psickuniv/Instagram

While talking about his career and life experiences, Eric Nam revealed that he was the vice president of his high school. Lee Yong Ju wondered how he was elected as an Asian American when discrimination was typical back then. Eric Nam responded humbly, saying he believed he was elected because nobody else wanted to take on the role.

When Kim Min Su asked him what his pledge was while running for office, Eric Nam said it was to give his schoolmates an amazing prom.

In America, we have this thing called prom. So [I said] if I get elected, we will throw the best prom party.

— Eric Nam

| Psick Univ/YouTube 

The singer then explained that he experienced bullying in school due to being a minority group—he even got spit in the face. However, this motivated him to work hard to become good at something.

I went to a school that was almost all white, and so it was really hard to fit in, and there was a lot of bullying. Once, somebody spit on my face. My focus was, ‘How do I get to a place where people respect me because I’m really good at something?’ So it was music, and then soccer at the time, and certain things.

— Eric Nam

| Psick Univ/YouTube

He also said that he was “always nice to everybody,” which is not surprising given that he is known to be a kind and friendly person.


Having turned experiences of being bullied into opportunities, Eric Nam is most definitely respected for being the talented person that he is. He is an artist acknowledged for being good at many things, including singing…

…to interviewing in two languages…

…to dressing like an icon…

…to dancing and acting?!

The list can go on and on.

Watch the full episode of the PSICK SHOW with Eric Nam below.


Source: Psick Univ/YouTube

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