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Paparazzi Photos Of NewJeans’ Minji And Haerin “Expose” Their Real-life Visuals


When the resolution is low, but you are NewJeans!

NewJeans have hit the mark once again with their recent comeback. The quartet released their second EP, Get Up, on July 21, and every song on the record has taken the world by storm. This massive success has also brought newfound interest and attention to the group for the members’ undeniable talent and visuals.

NewJeans | newjeans.kr

Just like their music, NewJeans’ visuals are also often praised for bringing a fresh vibe, but each of the members stands out with their unique beauty. The group’s oldest, Minji, stole netizens’ hearts with her sharp features right after her debut, while Haerin is often adored for her kitten-like face.

NewJeans’ Minji | newjeans.kr
NewJeans’ Haerin | newjeans.kr

While it is no surprise that the members’ visuals shine through in every photo shoot, stage performance, and press appearance, they often have the aid of good lighting and the right makeup.

Haerin (Left) and Minji (Right) | @newjeans_official/Instagram

But recently, Minji and Haerin were clicked while on a casual stroll, and netizens were left stunned by how their beauty came through even in the low-quality pictures.

Nate Pann

The two were clicked while out and about with the other members in Wicker Park, Chicago. The group is currently in the US to perform at the 2023 Lollapalooza.

In the photos, Minji was spotted in a casual outfit —an oversized white t-shirt with black shorts and black boots, topping off the look with a crossbody bag and oversized shades.

Haerin, on the other hand, added a pop of color to her outfit. She was seen wearing a dark green crop top with a pair of ruffled black cargo pants. The light green crossbody sling added a touch of quirk to her look.


The fan-taken photos of the two idols went viral on Korean community platforms as netizens marveled at how their visuals stood out despite being clicked with less-than-flattering cameras.

Nate Pann
  • “Minji’s face is really small.”
  • “Kim Minji’s nose is crazy even in low-quality photos.”
  • “I like Minji’s casual style. Her face looks so small.”
  • “They have really small faces.”
  • “Though the photos were taken from far away, their facial features are no joke.”
  • “Though I have always felt the same way, her nose is really amazing.”
  • “Ah, I love it TTTT.”
  • “Kim Minji, you’re so cool!”
  • “Is this her casual fashion? I f*cking love it…”
  • “No, but she seriously has that actress vibe.”
  • “Which country is this?”

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