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Popular K-Pop Award Show Cancels Controversial Event Following Backlash


The ceremony organizers apologized for the misunderstanding.

Earlier this month, The Fact Music Awards found itself in the heart of controversy after they announced a never-before-seen event. Korean netizens and K-Pop fans alike seemed shocked and upset by the new event, prompting the awards show to cancel the controversial practice.

| The Fact Music Awards

The unconventional idea involved fans having the opportunity to decorate the waiting rooms of idols set to attend the ceremony on October 10 by paying. Fans would have to purchase an in-app currency called “Rainbow Stars,” which could be used to buy various items for the waiting rooms.

The scheme, although likely introduced to enhance the bond between fans and their beloved artists, was perceived by many as an exploitative method to monetize fans’ affection.


The backlash was swift and fierce. Within hours of the announcement, Korean forums and social media platforms were inundated with criticisms. Fans expressed their discontent, with many labeling the award show’s new initiative as taking undue advantage of their love and support for the artists. Accusations ranged from the event “stealing money” to being outright scams.

Understanding the gravity of the situation and the potential damage to its reputation, the organizers behind The Fact Music Awards took prompt action. They decided to entirely cancel the “Waiting Room Decoration” event. In the notice, they clarified that they will be the ones funding the event to make sure that any artists attending will enjoy a comfortable and fun waiting room.

Moreover, any in-app purchases made by fans for this initiative would be refunded, ensuring that fans were not at a financial loss due to the now-defunct event.

The rapid response by the organizers highlights the power dynamics between the industry and its fan base. While fan engagement initiatives are always welcomed, they must be crafted carefully to avoid any perception of exploitation. The K-Pop industry, with its worldwide reach and fiercely loyal fan base, has a responsibility to ensure its practices prioritize the fans’ sentiments.

| The Fact Music Awards

As the dust settles on this controversy, it serves as a reminder to all in the entertainment sector. The line between fan engagement and exploitation is fine, and navigating it requires careful thought and consideration. The fans, after all, are at the heart of K-Pop’s global success.

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