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“Produce 101” Star’s Ex-Husband Shocks Audiences By Appearing In Popular Dating Show — As A Contestant


The former idol was once married to a Produce 101 star.

Produce 101 choreographer Bae Yoon Jeong‘s former husband appeared in a popular dating show.

Bae Yoon Jeong (left) and Jerome (right) | Yonhap News

On July 23, MBN aired its first episode of the fourth season of Love After Divorce. Love After Divorce is a popular dating show in which a group of divorcees lives with one another in the hopes of falling in love. The fourth season of the show is special in that it features divorcees from America.

Poster for “Love After Divorce 4” | MBN

Audiences and the show’s panelists were shocked when in the first episode, famed K-Pop choreographer Bae Yoon Jeong’s former husband and former K-Pop idol Jerome appeared as a contestant.

Lee Hye Young (left) | MBN

I know him very well. I wish the best for him.

— Show panelist Lee Hye Young

In the episode, Jerome introduced himself as someone who worked in the entertainment industry in the 90s and 2000s and stated his reasons for appearing on the show.


I worked in the entertainment industry during the late 90s and 2000s. I am alone. My brother and sister all live in different states, and my parents aren’t with me, so I struggled after my divorce. I love kids very much. There is a show in Japan where children run errands together. I feel lonely when watching that show.

— Jerome

Jerome then spoke about the difficult decision to appear on the show and revealed that he had given his former wife prior notice that he would be on the show.


To be honest, I struggled with the decision a lot. I really want to find someone. I am looking for someone who will grow old with me and change each other’s adult diapers.

I told my (former wife) that I would be appearing on the show. I  received permission from her.

— Jerome

Meanwhile, Jerome was a member of X-Large. The former idol made his debut in 2001 and also worked as a music program host. In 2014, he married famed choreographer Bae Yoon Jeong, but the couple divorced two years later due to personality differences.

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