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Red Velvet’s Yeri Purposely Doesn’t Smile In Front Of Reporters To Avoid Double Chins In Pictures


“I thought that not smiling was the answer.”

Red Velvet‘s Yeri recently revealed that she avoids flashing big smiles in front of reporters to avoid being captured in unflattering angles.

Red Velvet’s Yeri | @yerimiese/Instagram

In an interview with Urban Zakapa member Jo Hyun Ah on her YouTube show Jo Hyun Ah’s Thursday Night, the two discussed how they feel compelled to take care of their visuals because of the demanding nature of their jobs as celebrities. Yeri shared that sometimes she finds a picture of herself and notices that she gained weight.

Sometimes when I haven’t taken care of myself and I see myself on the Internet, I [gasp] a lot. ‘Ah! I really gained a lot of weight!’

— Yeri

Yeri (left) and Jo Hyun Ah (right) | Everyday Is Thursday Night/YouTube  

Jo Hyun Ah shared that she also had experiences like this when looking at the pictures reporters took of her. She admitted that she often feels confident in her appearance, only to be shocked by unflattering photos taken by reporters.

Sometimes, I go out feeling like I look okay and when I get photographed by reporters, I look like [makes a face].

— Jo Hyun Ah

Everyday Is Thursday Night/YouTube  

Yeri agreed fervently and shared that she intentionally doesn’t smile in front of the cameras to avoid unflattering shots.

At one point, I thought that not smiling was the answer. So I always looked angry. [laughs]

— Yeri

Everyday Is Thursday Night/YouTube   

Past pictures of Yeri from news reports show she was telling the truth. Many photos showed her with little to no facial expressions or a subtle smile.

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Jo Hyun Ah added details, saying that one must open their mouth slightly because if one cheeses, the pictures don’t look good. Yeri agreed that big smiles can cause double chins in pictures. That’s why Yeri has a separate smile for the cameras—a very subtle one. 

I had a separate facial expression for when I smiled.

— Yeri

Everyday Is Thursday Night/YouTube  

Jo Hyun Ah and Yeri agreed that they avoided flashing big smiles not to get double chins or look bad in front of the cameras. However, past photos of Yeri reveal that contrary to what she believes, her big smiles are captured beautifully on camera!

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| Star News

Both singers agreed that experiences like these caused them to keep taking care of their physical appearances.

Source: Everyday Is Thursday Night/YouTube

Red Velvet

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