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“Single’s Inferno 3” Contestant Lee Jin Seok’s Unexpected Meeting With Last Series’ “Fan Favorite”


It is a very small world!

Single’s Inferno 3 might be over, but netizens are still waiting for updates from the cast, and one contestant has an unexpected meeting with a fan favorite from the last series.

One person that netizens were obsessed with was Lee Jin Seok.

Contestant Lee Jin Seok | Netflix

While he wasn’t the boldest and loudest character, he charmed netizens with his understated and unexpected personality.


Another fan favorite from last year’s show was Park Se Jeong.

Season two contestant Park Se Jeong | Netflix

Throughout the series, she captured the hearts of fans with her idol-like visuals, her kindness to other contestants, and much more.


But why is there a connection between the two?

Recently, netizens found a picture of the two together not once, not twice, but three times. In the adorable photo, Jin Seok and Se Jeong are posing for a photo. At one corner, there’s another cute photo of the two, and on the other side, there was a clipart of them taking a selfie.

If that wasn’t enough, Se Jeong posted a video and tagged Jin Seok. While he didn’t appear at first as she looked in the mirror…

Jin Seok suddenly appeared out of nowhere with his cheeky expressions.

After looking on social media, it seems like both Se Jeong and Jin Seok are signed to YG Entertainment’s model subsidiary KPLUS. Since before the show, Se Jeong has been working with the company, and even on its YouTube channel, she keeps making appearances.


Whether Jin Seok has always been with KPLUS or just signed, an introduction video with the contestant was recently posted showing his link to the company.

Hopefully, there will be more interactions in the future between Jin Seok and Se Jeong.

Content Source: www.koreaboo.com


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