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Starship Entertainment Gains Praise For The Lengths They Went To, To Sue Online Haters


Starship Entertainment did what other companies couldn’t be bothered to do.

It was recently made known that one of the reasons that the infamous YouTube channel Sojang was taken down, was due to Starship Entertainment. Although Sojang claimed to have been hacked, it was later revealed that Starship Entertainment took the case to the United States courts to make sure that Sojang got the full brunt of their deserved punishment.

Starship Entertainment Gets Greenlight From U.S. Judicial Court To Go After Notorious YouTube Troll

Sojang’s channel has been tormenting IVE’s Wonyoung and other idols over the past year. They made up multiple malicious rumors about the star, leading to Starship Entertainment suing them. Starship Entertainment has filed a criminal and civil lawsuit against them, even gaining the channel operator’s personal details from Google. Inc.

Videos made about Wonyoung. | Sojang/YouTube

One of the reasons that many companies were unable to do anything about Sojang for so long, was that YouTube is based in America. As it is considered a “foreign site” in South Korea, Sojang was able to use that as a legal loophole to avoid persecution in South Korea. It was only when Starship Entertainment decided to take the case up with the United States legal court, that Sojang could be dealt with.

To make that happen, Starship Entertainment reportedly reorganized all the tip-offs and PDFs from angered fans, into a single format. They then translated thousands of PDFs into English, so that they could be submitted to the U.S court. In May 2023, they were finally granted permission to view the personal details of the account owner from the court. With this warrant, they put in a request at Google. Inc for Sojang’s details.

After receiving the appropriate details in July 2023, Starship Entertainment was finally able to submit a legal case in both the U.S and South Korea.

Netizens are in high praise of Starship Entertainment’s efforts. They ultimately did what other companies could not be bothered to do, even though it took a long time.

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  • Wow!!
  • What a good company!
  • I’m cheering Starship on. HYBE, are you watching?
  • Wow, insane. Fighting, fighting.
  • Damn, so you’re saying that up to now, no one could sue YouTube videos or comments?
  • The public informants were holding it out because Google did not give us the personal details of the account

Kudos to the company for protecting their artists!

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