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Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Just Wants STAYs To Kiss Him


He asked STAYs to return his kiss.

Stray KidsHyunjin just wants a kiss!

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin

In select locations worldwide, primarily in South Korea, there are PHOTOISM photobooths. As with any photobooth, you have the option to choose a customizable frame.

But with PHOTOISM photobooths, you can choose a frame from your favorite K-Pop group, such as BTS, NCT, and THE BOYZ (just to name a few). This lets you take pictures with your bias!

Recently, PHOTOISM revealed new Stray Kids frames for 2023 STAY WEEK. You have a choice to take pictures with any of the eight members.

Hyunjin-biased STAYs noticed Hyunjin did four cute poses, encouraging them to interact with him, such as half of a hand heart.

But they were unsure about the third pose…

Ahead of going to take pictures, STAYs sought advice from Hyunjin himself. So, they asked him for pose recommendations, especially for the third picture, where he appears to be kissing.

| bubble for JYPnation via @0325bbl/Twitter

STAY: Hyunjin, please recommend a Photoism pose~ What should I do? I know you have a kissing pose~ Hehe

Hyunjin: That was me posing to ask for a kiss!!!!!! Please do the same!!!!!

A STAY who had taken their photos with Hyunjin shared the results. They apologized to him for not returning his kiss.

bubble for JYPnation via @0325bbl/Twitter
bubble for JYPnation via @0325bbl/Twitter

STAY: Hyunjin, I’m sorry for not accepting your kiss. I’m a little shy kekekeke

Hyunjin: …? You desperately blocked me?

Another STAY asked Hyunjin what pose he would do if he were to take pictures with himself at the PHOTOISM photobooth. He decided he’d take a page out of a STAY’s book.

bubble for JYPnation via @0325bbl/Twitter

STAY: When Hyunjin takes a Photoism picture, does he receive a kiss from himself?

Hyunjin: No, earlier a Stay blocked it with their hand; I will do the same I guess…

Hyunjin doesn’t want a kiss from himself, but he wouldn’t mind if STAYs would return the love…

Stray Kids

Content Source: www.koreaboo.com


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