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THE BOYZ’s Sangyeon Denies Allegations Of Using Sexual Slang Word And Clarifies What Happened


He directly addressed the situation with fans.

Netizens recently voiced their outrage after alleging they heard THE BOYZ‘s Sangyeon using a slang term, “sakkasi,” which implies a sexual act, in a behind-the-scenes video on their official YouTube channel.

As the backlash from netizens grew, Sangyeon took to the artist-to-fan communication app Bubble to clarify the situation and deny the allegations himself.

THE BOYZ’s Sangyeon

In the originally uploaded behind-the-scenes video, THE BOYZ were practicing for their second world tour, and netizens claimed that Sangyeon said a word that sounded like “sakkasi,” a lesser-known Korean slang word that means oral sex.

The video was later re-uploaded without the clip in question, which only fueled further accusations from netizens.

A clip from THE BOYZ’s second world tour practice video | THE BOYZ

Following netizens’ backlash, Sangyeon sent a message to fans through Bubble to clarify the situation while denying he ever said the word.

Sangyeon acknowledged that he had seen netizens’ concerns and wanted to address the situation.

Sangyeon’s message to fans. | Bubble
  • “And I know I caused a lot of concerns with what happened recently.
  • “I figured, if I didn’t talk about it, that it’d be hard on everyone.”
  • “I didn’t say anything like that!”

He continued by explaining that the original video was deleted and re-uploaded without the clip in order to “not leave any room for misunderstandings.”

He ended his messages by saying he wanted to ease peoples’ worries through his clarification and would put his efforts and focus into THE BOYZ’s upcoming comeback this month.

  • “It was deleted because it was decided that it’d be better not to leave any room for misunderstandings at all… Anyway, I don’t care about it anymore. The comeback is the most important thing, so I’m going to focus my energy on that!!!”
  • “But I’m still sorry for making everyone worry and putting them through the struggle!!!”

For initial coverage, check out the article below:

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Content Source: www.koreaboo.com


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