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“The Power Of Fansites” — Netizens Stunned By Pictures Of A Famous YouTuber Taken By BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Fansite


We want fansites to take our photos too!

Chimchakman (Calm Down Man) is a famous YouTuber and streamer in South Korea. With over two million subscribers on his YouTube channel, he definitely is a star in his own right.

While most of his viewers are used to seeing his comical side like this…

…fans were stunned to see him in the photos below. He had attended the premiere for the movie Smugglers. The photos were absolutely gorgeous!

| theqoo

It was a whole different look from his usual image.

| theqoo

Netizens soon realized that the person behind the lens was not just any normal photographer. A fansite master for BLACKPINK’s Jisoo had been at the event. They coincidentally caught a glimpse of the famous YouTuber and snapped a few shots.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • F*cking handsome man.
  • He looks like Dex (Jinyoung from Single’s Inferno)
  • I thought he was an actor from the photo. I only knew it was him after seeing the title of the post.
  • Jisoo’s fansite really took great photos. He looks f*cking handsome.
  • Oh wow. They took it so well. He suddenly looks f*cking handsome.
  • As expected of fansite masters. I knew he was handsome, but they made the pictures look emotional. It’s kinda annoying LOL.
  • F*cking handsome man.
  • As expected, the power of seasoned fansite masters. They took it so well.

It’s not the first time fansites have wowed the public with their photo-taking skills. Their pictures are often works of art!

Here’s 20+ Legendary Photos Taken By Talented K-Pop Fansite Masters

Content Source: www.koreaboo.com


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