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The Reason BTS’s Jungkook Ended His Break From Activities


The BTS “maknae” admitted he was enjoying his time off.

BTS announced in June 2022 that the group would be taking a temporary break from group activities for the members to pursue their solo projects and begin their mandatory military service.

When the group began to focus on the individual members’ activities, Jungkook‘s public schedules slowed, and following his FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 performance in November, he largely remained out of the public eye, which even caused some fans to express concerns about his lack of schedules.

BTS’s Jungkook | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Jungkook addressed the concerns himself in February 2023 during one of his famous Weverse lives, during which he stated that he was “comfortable doing nothing.

Jungkook’s comments during his February 2023 Weverse Live.

Did I prepare an album? No, I have not. Everyone’s probably anticipating lots, right? I too am looking forward to my future album but it seems like the other members are doing their solo activities as a form of an extension [of group activities] but I’ve come to an all-stop. I think I’m comfortable doing nothing. Right now, I’ve been living like a rock.

— BTS’s Jungkook via Weverse

After over a year, Jungkook released his long-awaited solo debut single “Seven,” a catchy English-language track that went straight to the number-one spot on Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart.

Jungkook was the most recent guest on Suga‘s Suchwita, during which he opened up about the one thing that made him come out of his break from activities.

The BTS maknae admitted that he “loved being on break” and that he was “totally enjoying [his] time off.

What convinced him to end his break was hearing “Seven” for the first time. Suga hilariously responded by saying if Jungkook didn’t take the song, he would have.

Jungkook admitted that if he hadn’t heard “Seven,” he may have stayed on a break because he was enjoying it so much.

Thankfully, Jungkook fell in love with “Seven,” and ARMYs are now able to enjoy Jungkook’s solo promotions.

Check out more from Jungkook’s Suchwita episode in the article below!

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