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The Third-Generation Girl Group Whose Stunning Visuals Made A Girlfriend Cover Her Boyfriend’s Eyes During A Television Broadcast


He might be in trouble at home… but who can blame him?

K-Pop is truly an industry filled with visuals and unsurprisingly, female idols manage to capture the hearts of netizens globally with their dazzling and beautiful visuals.

The members of Girls’ Generation | SM Entertainment
The members of BLACKPINK | @sbskpop/Twitter
The members of NewJeans | @newjeans_twt/Twitter

Well, it seems like one girl group is going viral after the members’ visuals were so beautiful that a girlfriend had to cover her boyfriend’s eyes… and it’s none other than OH MY GIRL.

WM Entertainment’s OH MY GIRL | @WM_OHMYGIRL/Twitter

Since debuting, the members of the group have always gained attention for their dazzling visuals that sometimes seem like they belong in a fairytale. Each member has their own unique look that is loved by netizens.

OH MY GIRL is currently promoting their new song, “Summer Comes,” and it’s the perfect track for the time of year.

During their promotions for their new song, OH MY GIRL recently went on a show and performed a stunning cover of DAY6‘s song “Time Of Our Life.” As expected from the veteran idols, the members all added their own twist to the classic song and showcased their talent.


During the ending fairy moment, the cameras panned to members YooA and Arin, who unsurprisingly served beautiful visuals.

Yet, the funniest moment that is going viral came when the camera panned to the audience. When a male audience member was caught on camera, he seemed in awe of the members’ visuals.

Until someone, who seemed to be his girlfriend, noticed he was too excited by OH MY GIRL and “whacked” him on the face in an attempt to cover his eyes.

The video was posted on TikTok and quickly got a lot of views because it was definitely an iconic moment…


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♬ original sound – stream selfish by yooa

When the video was posted on TikTok, netizens couldn’t get over the girlfriend’s reaction. Some joked that the boyfriend was in trouble when they got home, while others explained that it wasn’t surprising that the visuals of the OH MY GIRL’s members had him mesmerized.

It wasn’t surprising that netizens are so obsessed with the clip, and it shows just why OH MY GIRL are so loved because they’re not only talented but beautiful in every way.

Source: @omgstan and KBS KPOP

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