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TWICE’s Chaeyoung Follows Just One Person On Instagram & It’s Not Who You’d Think


The TWICE star is following just one account, and it’s not a bandmate.

There’s a little mystery brewing over on Instagram, and it’s all about our very own Chaeyoung from TWICE. If you’ve been following the girls (and let’s be real, who isn’t?), you might have noticed an intriguing change in Chaeyoung’s following list.

| @chaeyo.0/Instagram

Drumroll, please… The TWICE star is following just one account, and no, it’s not a member of the group.

| @chaeyo.0/Instagram

Let’s backtrack a bit. Chaeyoung — known for her fierce raps, aesthetic photos, and killer fashion sense — has always kept her Instagram pretty low-key. She shares snippets from her day, some artistic doodles, and, occasionally, breathtaking pictures of her travels.

But recently, fans noticed she had hit the follow button on one single account. Thus, the detective hats were donned, and the speculations began.

So, who’s the lucky account? Brace yourself for a surprise, because the sole individual she’s following is… Somi!

Now, why is this so intriguing? In the world of celebrities, especially in the K-Pop sphere, who you follow and don’t follow on social media can sometimes carry its own storyline. It’s like a breadcrumb trail that leads fans to form all sorts of theories, shipping ideas, and speculations.

Chaeyoung’s latest move on Instagram has surely given ONCEs and the whole K-Pop community something to talk about.

Both TWICE and Somi have been trailblazers in the K-pop industry. While TWICE has been conquering the world with their infectious tunes and mesmerizing performances, Somi has been doing wonders as a solo artist.

Their paths have crossed many times, thanks to their promotional activities, award ceremonies, and variety shows. They’ve shared stages, moments, and, now it seems, a unique connection on Instagram.

So before we let our imaginations run wild, let’s dive a little deeper. Chaeyoung and Somi are known to share a sweet friendship off the stage. Remember those cute moments between them and all the TikToks they’ve posted together?

Or the adorable interactions they’ve had and pictures we’ve been blessed to see?

Yup, these two share a bond that’s evident to anyone who has been paying attention. So, it’s entirely possible that Chaeyoung’s latest move on Instagram is simply a nod to their friendship. Besides, the TWICE rapper is also the only person Somi follows that’s not a labelmate.

However, this could also be a gesture hinting at a potential collaboration. Imagine the magic of Chaeyoung’s fierce rap and Somi’s versatile vocals coming together. That’s a collab we’d all sign up for in a heartbeat!


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