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TXT Are Gaining Attention For The Different Ways Of Hugging Coi Leray During Their “2023 Lollapalooza Chicago” Performance


Each member was respectful in their own way!

The members of TXT are gaining attention, and a lot of praise, for the different ways they hugged an American artist during their recent performance in America.

The members of TXT at “2023 Lollapalooza Chicago” | @txt_bighit/Twitter

TXT recently headlined the 2023 Lollapalooza Chicago event and absolutely slayed with their unreal talent, visuals, and unrivaled charm on stage.


During the performance, TXT was joined by American artist Coi Leray.

After the talented artist joined the boys on stage, she was truly relatable AF as she went to hug the members, and it was this moment that had the fans both LOL’ing but also appreciative of the boys’ manners.

When Coi Leray went in to hug the members, fans noticed that the group reciprocated it but, rather than touching her, went for the “air hug.” Whether it was in fear of “dating rumors” that male idols get when interacting with females or out of respect for Coi Leray, it became a hot topic online.

Yet, what made netizens laugh the most was how different Taehyun‘s hug with Coi Leray was as the young idol went in for a proper hug rather than following his members.

When the videos were shared, netizens had hilarious reactions to the video. In a TikTok video that is gaining attention, netizens spoke about how Taehyun was ready to risk it all for the hug and just how adorable Coi Leray was with the members.

While fans on Twitter pointed out that while Taehyun didn’t mind hugging Coi, the other members didn’t avoid it on purpose but showed a different kind of respect towards the singer. The way all of the TXT members greeted Coi showcased how respectful they were, even though it was done in different ways.

While Taehyun might have been more confident to hug Coi Leray, it didn’t make his actions any less respectful than the rest of his members. Physical affection among friends is very different for those in Western countries, and hugging is seen as normal. It shows that even though their actions were different, all the members of TXT showed respect and love for Coi Leray in their own way.



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