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Watch: Jo Jin Woong, Cha Seung Won, Han Hyo Joo, And Oh Seung Hoon Tease Chilling Battles In Action-Packed “Believer 2” Trailer


Netflix’s “Believer” has unveiled its suspenseful main trailer and poster!

“Believer” is a 2018 crime thriller about a low-level drug dealer named Rak (Ryu Jun Yeol) who has been abandoned by his organization as he conspires with the dangerously ambitious cop Won Ho (Jo Jin Woong) to bring down Asia’s largest drug cartel. In addition to Ryu Jun Yeol and Jo Jin Woong, the film also starred Kim Sung RyungPark Hae JoonCha Seung Won, and the late Kim Joo Hyuk. “Believer 2” will depict Won Ho’s journey of searching for Rak who has gone missing.

In the new movie, Oh Seung Hoon will be taking over Ryu Jun Yeol’s role as Rak. Cha Seung Won will return as the drug cartel’s hidden big force Brian, while Han Hyo Joo will be joining the sequel as a new character called “Big Knife” (literal translation of “Keun Kal”), Mr. Lee’s right-hand woman who comes from China to resolve the chaos instigated by Rak and Won Ho.

The main poster teases the intense performances of the four “Believer 2” lead cast through a visually compelling torn paper effect. Won Ho and Rak’s resolute expressions offer a glimpse into their impending quest to track down the real Mr. Lee, who, despite Brian’s capture and claims, they believe is still at large.

Brian’s expression and enigmatic gaze convey his unwavering determination and desire even in the face of crisis as he yearns for another opportunity. Meanwhile, the sinister countenance of Mr. Lee’s closest confidant Big Knife sends shivers down the spine, foreshadowing her chilling persona and hinting at her cold-blooded nature.

The main trailer also captivates from the beginning, featuring a tearful Won Ho, a horror-stricken Rak, an infuriated Brian, and a menacingly intense Big Knife. Subsequent scenes unveil the four main cast as the one pursuing Mr. Lee, the one yearning to meet him, the one aspiring to become him, and the one determined to protect him.

The trailer then thrusts viewers into action-packed sequences set against exotic backdrops, including a high-speed car chase through the jungle and relentless gunfights, promising an exhilarating narrative and heightening expectations for “Believer 2.” The closing caption, “Who will be left standing?” intensifies curiosity about the resolution of this intense battle.

Watch the full trailer below!

“Believer 2” will be released on Netflix on November 17.

While waiting for the sequel, watch “Believer” below:

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