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“Will They Use It To Store Merch? — Koreans Amused At BTS’s Jungkook Causing A Coffin To Sell Out


Would you buy it?

BTS’s Jungkook is known as the “sold out king,” given how everything he touches turns to gold! Items that Jungkook is seen eating, drinking, or wearing, all sells out within seconds. While we can understand food and clothing, this item that he featured in his music video unexpectedly sold out too.

In the music video for his solo “SEVEN,” Jungkook pops out of a white coffin, proving his literal undying love for his girl. On July 30, The Economy Times reported that the very coffin had sold out.

The coffin in the music video.

A photo of the coffin store owner grinning from ear to ear was featured on TikTok, along with news that the coffin had sold out.

The coffin store and the owner.

One coffin costs around ₩5.00 million KRW (about $3,930 USD). While it is a reasonable price to fork out for a study item to carry you into your death, for fans still very much in the realm of the living, it is a hefty sum to pay for something you can’t use immediately.

Korean netizens who heard the news were highly amused, making guesses as to what the coffins would be used for. For house decorations, for one’s future funeral, the possibilities are quite endless.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • They’ll probably write in their wills, “I prepared the coffin used in Jungkook’s MV, so put me in there when I die.” LOOOOL.
  • They could use it as a storage space.
  • Daebak OL.
  • The design is pretty so I guess they can use it as a storage space or a chair, LOL.
  • They’re already buying their coffins? Guess the coffin store that was ahead of its time hit it big.
  • Will they use it to store merch? LOL.
  • Amazing LOL.
  • Everything he just brushes against sells out LOL.
  • I guess they can use it tens of years later LOL. They can write in their will in advance, and ask to be put in there when they die.

We wonder what ARMYs bought it for!


Content Source: www.koreaboo.com


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