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Translating the Visual Narrative of Black Music Videos for Global Audiences


Since the inception of music, it has been a great part of our lives. If you notice every sound around us is music. The falling of raindrops, the rustling of leaves, all of it is music. You might not notice but everyone is, at some level, interested or in other terms addicted to music. This addiction or interest gives birth to different music genres among which the most common ones are on human race, white and Black music. There has been a consistent tug of war between the two music genres. The white music genre focuses on country folk music. And the Black music genre delves into hip-hop funk and jazz more often.

However, now there isn’t much difference between the two music genres because the preferences of people are quite different today. With this read, we help you learn more about the Black music industry and its revolution. As well as how translation acts as a bridge in making the multilingual audiences understand about this diverse music industry. So the incorporation of a translation company becomes crucial.

The Black Music Industry

Whenever the words “Black music” come to our mind, it is quite common that we think of music produced by Dr. Dre, Eminem, Tupac Shakur, 50 Cent, and Snoop Dogg. Well, it is true that they are the founders of Black music and it is because of them that today we have this diverse genre of music. This genre not only consists of folk, hip-hop, and country music but also rock, heavy, and Black metal.

Since the 1400s, the Black people have been tolerating the oppression of the white. This is why Black music used to be aggressive with beats and lyrics. The origin of this aggression was because of the way, Black people were treated in America. We still see glimpses of the past in the music today. Grim history as such is never forgotten. Corruption is one thing, but oppression is unforgivable. 

Historical Evolution

It was the African-American slaves that started Black music. These songs were termed work songs as the lyrics are about the working-class Black people. As well as what kind of humiliation they face in society by the white people. One speciality of these songs is that only the Black people knew the meaning of the songs due to which they used to communicate with each other via singing. It used to keep them off the radar of their merciless white owners.

In the 1800s, Black music majorly focused on religious and spiritual themes. And with the passage of time, the Black music industry was bestowed with the world-class American rapper, Tupac Amaru Shakur. The classic music by Tupac is the main and distinctive feature of the Black music. Tupac’s music sets the whole Black music industry apart from the American and Asian ones. Later with BIGIE Smalls, Dr. Dre and Eminem, the success of this industry started and they are not coming down any time soon.

Let’s discuss a very funny incident between Mike Tyson, the former boxing champion, and Eminem, Marshall Bruce Mathers III in a podcast. Mike Tyson called Eminem, “the only white person who knows what it’s like to be a Black person”. It is the music genre that Eminem adopts that makes him the only white person famous for his Black music style.

How Translation Depicts the Visual Narratives of Black Music Videos?

Black music is not just any music rather, it is a wave of revolution and change. It is even beyond the lyrics. It is actually about the narratives that the Black community talks about. This music is greater than words and talks about the cultural stories as well as the prevailing social norms about Black people. Especially with the help of video translation services, these videos are translated and made easy for multilingual speakers to get the artistic meaning of this rich music.

The thing is that music isn’t just for recreation, rather oftentimes it tells us about certain happenings in our society. Sometimes music is a means to enhance people’s enthusiasm. For example, Shakira’s song Waka Waka. This song came out in FIFA 2010 and was specifically written to encourage people to participate as well as watch the show of resilience and skill.

Taking Care of Cultural Nuances

With the help of translation/localization, the music videos are culturally nuanced. For example, the removal of certain scenes of nudity without altering the meaning of the songs. This is the work of skilled professionals, so you should get help from a professional translation agency.

Adaptation of Slangs

It is because of translation that certain Black slang is not part of video translation solutions. For example, they use the word “nigga” a lot. But if Americans call them nigga, they take it as an offense. So when translating into English, this word isn’t part of the result. Not only slang words, but certain words like “y’all” change to “you all” in English translation.

Final Words!

The Black music is full of rich themes and artistic expressions. Black music started in 2014 as a means of communication between Black people but today it is a whole genre of music where rappers like Snoop Dogg and Eminem are present at the top. With the help of translation, these musical videos are translated efficiently so that the world can understand this talent.

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