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Actors Hit The Picket Lines Including Lucy Liu, David Harbour & Paul Giamatti


Big-name SAG-AFTRA members took to the picket lines outside major studios again today after joining forces last week with WGA strikers who walked out on May 2.

Protests are expected outside the studios and networks in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Comic-Con International: San Diego.

This marks the first strike for actors in the film and television industry since 1980 and the first simultaneous strike of actors and the writers unions since 1960.

The WGA endured a 153-day strike that started on January 17, 1960, with the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) joining the picket line on March 7, 1960. The SAG strike lasted for 43 days and concluded on April 18, 1960.

The writers strike persisted until June 12, 1960, leading to significant gains for the writers that included the first residuals for theatrical motion pictures, paying 1.2% of the license fee when features were licensed to television; an independent pension plan; and a 4% residual for television reruns, domestic and foreign. Furthermore, this groundbreaking contract established an independent pension fund and participation in an industry health insurance plan.

SAG theatrical strike settlement resulted in residuals only for films commencing after January 31, 1960, but producers’ lump payment of $2.65 million created the Guild’s first Pension and Welfare Plan.

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