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Hollywood’s Favorite Monster Gets Renewed Interest, As Hi-Tech Search Is Planned For Nessie


It’s long been a Hollywood obsession. Just check a familiar movie database and you’ll see more than 60 entries for examinations of the famed “Loch Ness Monster,” the alleged lake-dwelling inhabitant of a Scottish Highlands body of water that’s been depicted in entertainment productions ranging from films, documentaries, TV movies, and even a Scooby-Doo video.

Now, the Loch Ness Center is staging the largest hunt for the underwater beast in 50 years.

The center has teamed with the Loch News Exploration volunteer group to host “Quest Weekend” from August 26 to 27. It will be the biggest search since 1972. The Loch Ness Center noted that this search will use airborne drones capable of taking thermal images of the loch. The monster hunters will also use hydrophones that pick up acoustic signals in the water.

References to a monster in Loch Ness date back to St. Columba’s biography in 565 AD. More than 1,000 people claim to have seen ‘Nessie’ and the area is, consequently, a popular tourist attraction.

“It’s our hope to inspire a new generation of Loch Ness enthusiasts by joining this large-scale surface watch,” McKenna told the BBC.

“You’ll have a real opportunity to personally contribute towards this fascinating mystery that has captivated so many people from around the world.”

In 2019, there was renewed interest when researchers claimed that Nessie could be a type of freshwater plesiosaur, an aquatic long-necked beast believed to have been extinct for 66 million years.

Using the new technology, Nessie may finally be ready for his or her close-up. At least, that’s what the Scottish tourism industry hopes.

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