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Katha Ankahee upcoming twist: Katha and Viaan’s romantic dinner date to be ruined thanks to Kailash Garewal ?


Katha Ankahee upcoming spoiler alert: In the latest track of Katha Ankahee, we see that Katha and Viaan spend beautiful time together in the rain. Katha (Aditi Sharma) sees the flower in Viaan’s car and she gets jealous but after sometime Viaan (Adnan Khan) gives this flower to Katha, and she is filled with love and has a big smile on his face. And she is very happy and starts dancing in the rain, and she decides that she will now confess her feelings. On the next day, Katha gets ready very beautifully and goes to the office, where we see Katha tell Viaan that she wants to say something to him. Will she tell him about her heart condition? Well, we see that Ehsan is really upset with Katha and Viaan, and he leaves the office. Later on, we see Vanya and Ehsan talk about their lives. Well, Ehsan really loves Vanya, and this time Vanya is his serious love. Will Viaan support him? Let’s wait to see what happens next. Also Read – Katha Ankahee upcoming twist: Ehsan wants Katha and Viaan’s support, will they help him get his love?

Katha Ankahee Upcoming Twist

In the upcoming track of Katha Ankahee, we see that Katha (Aditi Sharma) is very confused about how she can propose to him. Later on, we see that Katha is practising how she can tell him about her feelings, and suddenly Viaan comes there and asks Katha that what she wants to tell him. Let’s wait to see if Viaan really comes or if this is the only dream of Katha. Let’s see when this mysterious love story will start. Also Read – Katha Ankahee upcoming twist: Katha proposes to Viaan; Will Tejji let them be together?

Katha Ankahee is the Hindi remake of a Turkish show, and viewers love the chemistry between Katha and Viaan, aka Adnan Khan and Aditi Sharma. Well, the latest track is going to be very romantic, as Katha is now all set to confess her feelings. On the other side, Ehsan also wants to start his love story with Vanya, but will Vanya accept his love? And what about Viaan? Will he give one chance to Ehsan? Let’s see what twist comes to the show. Also Read – Katha Ankahee upcoming twist: Aarav will turn cupid in mother Katha and Viaan’s life

In the future trace of Katha Ankahee, we see that Katha decides to ask Viaan for a dinner date, and Viaan says yes, and we see that Katha wears a saree for Viaan, but the destiny had other plans. Suddenly, we see Katha’s in-laws reach there, but this time Kailash Garewal is very happy because now he likes Viaan, and he decides to reunite Katha and Viaan. Only one is now against this relationship: Tejji. Will she ever accept Katha? Let’s see.

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