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Contestants on Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 have garnered a large following due to their true selves. The show is popular with viewers, who vote for their favourite competitors. They have been in the Bigg Boss house for more than 39 days, and they are doing everything they can to survive in the game. Their true personalities and viewpoints are becoming more apparent as time passes. Aashika Bhatia acknowledged her smoking addiction in the 39th episode while arguing with Jad Hadid. Afterwards, Pooja Bhatt had a heartfelt talk with her and related her struggles with smoking addiction.

Jad Hadid was working out in the gym when Aashika Bhatia twice asked him when he would be finished. She asked once more during breakfast since she wished to smoke nearby in the smoking room. Jad was still working out in the garden when Aashika posed the same question. Jad then instructed Aashika to stop asking because he needed time for his workout. In response to Aashika Bhatia’s complaint, Abhishek Malhan tried to convince her to wait until Jad finished. Jad requires two hours to work out, according to Aashika, whereas she only needs five minutes to smoke. Even Jad, in the opinion of Aashika, could wait, despite Abhishek’s assurance that she could.

Jad later got into a fight with Aashika over her continuous questioning after he finished his workout. To mediate, Abhishek informed Jad that he had suggested to Aashika to wait off and smoke later. Jad clarified that despite Aashika’s continuous questions, he never stopped her while she smoked. Afterwards, Aashika discussed Jad’s behaviour with Manisha Rani, Elvish Yadav, and Abhishek.

Aashika then disclosed, “When we got a form before entering the house which read- Are you addicted to smoking? I had ticked yes. I am addicted to smoking. If I wait more than 1.5 hours, it’s a big deal for me.” Abhishek Malhan reminded her that she had all day in the house to smoke whenever she wanted. Then Aashika revealed, “I have an addiction, Abhishek. I can’t control.”

But Abhishek advised that she either learn to control it or smoke at a different time. He also told her not to get into a fight with Jad because it was unnecessary.

Aashika later confessed to Pooja Bhatt that she believed Bigg Boss wasn’t the right place for her in a heartfelt conversation during which she could not control her tears. Pooja hugged her and listened carefully as she tried to console her. Jad seemed to lose his temper quickly, and Aashika noted that his tone had changed. As soon as they realized it was all a misunderstanding, Jad and Aashika talked about it and hugged to end it. Pooja then said to Aashika, “Ek zamane mei main bhi bohot fukti thi. Toh muje koi moral issue nahi hai usse. Yeh, hypocrisy hogi agar main bolu moral issue hai.”

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