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NewJeans Dishes On Their Latest Mini Album “Get Up” And 1st Debut Anniversary


NewJeans sat down to talk all about their latest music and also share their thoughts on celebrating the very first year they’ve spent together and with their fans as NewJeans!

The group released their second mini album “Get Up” on July 21, which features a total of three title tracks: “Super Shy,” “ETA,” and “Cool With You.”

During the interview, NewJeans answered questions about their work on the album as well as special moments they’ve had with fans and each other throughout their first year after debuting. The questions revolved around keywords that spelled out NewJeans.

N – New Paradigm

Minji answered, “While doing our activities, we always try to show all of NewJeans. I think that while we work on music that we all enjoy, we’ve done a lot of fun things by showing our honest and true selves.”

Danielle added, “I think our New Paradigm is music that everyone can comfortably enjoy.” She described the members of NewJeans and their fans as “friends and family” and expressed how she hoped she and the rest of the group could continue their work for a long time.

E – Empathy

Danielle shared a memory she had of ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin and some advice she gave.

“I was disappointed that I went to meet fans under the name of NewJeans while still not being completely perfect,” she recalled. “But then there was something CEO Min Hee Jin told me. She said, ‘NewJeans is not a group that started after being made perfectly. NewJeans will become a group that grows and dreams together with their fans.’” She then continued, “Honestly, NewJeans still has many things we can work on. But I think the fans also view us as friends and empathize with us when they see us make mistakes and work hard.”

Hyein cited the interactions between NewJeans and their fans as what sparked a lot of empathy between them. She also added that the members were preparing hard to meet their fans and getting closer to one another through practicing for their performances.

W – Wonderful

“These days, it seems like every single day is wonderful, and every day is completely full. So I want to really enjoy right now,” Minji said.

Haerin answered, “Even though it’s different every time, I think it’ll be really wonderful if we can create new songs that really capture NewJeans’s unique color and express ourselves in a very ‘us’ kind of way.”

J – Joy

“I think that the moments the five of us get together have become really happy memories,” Hanni said. “When our schedules get really busy, there are moments when I forget we’re teenagers, but just by being together with the members, I’m able to get that feeling again.”

Danielle agreed, saying, “Honestly, every moment when the members are together is so much fun. Especially right now, I’ve been gaming a lot with the members and doing challenges together so that’s been really wonderful.” She was then sure to thank all of the members.

E – Enthusiasm

To convey NewJeans’s enthusiasm, Minji talked a bit about the performance NewJeans showed their fans at their very first official fan meeting.

“The performances for NewsJeans’s first fan meeting Bunnies Camp were very different from the performances we’ve done up until now. We were able to feel how everyone was focusing [on us] and having fun all while in the same space together, so it was a really happy and energetic moment.”

Haerin talked more about the fan meeting, saying, “It was really fun to be able to perform so many of our songs at the fan meeting. Every moment was amazing during the fan meeting, but I was especially thrilled when we performed one of the title songs ‘ETA’ from our second mini album for the very first time.”

A – Adventure

“Every time we release a new album seems like an adventure and challenge,” Minji said. “The second mini album ‘Get Up’ was much the same. ‘Get Up’ consists of three title tracks and three B-side tracks. The fact that all six songs have music videos and choreographies was a seriously huge challenge.”

Danielle replied, “I personally really like adventures. So I think that ‘Get Up’ will become our most loved album. This is an album that contains a lot of attempts at new things. We always want to present ourselves as fresh and improved to Bunnies (NewJeans’s official fan club name). So we tried various ways to freshen up our dancing, singing, styling, and more.”

N – Novelty

Haerin said, “I think ‘Get Up’ is an album that really maximizes NewJeans’s charm. From every song to the performances and videos, I think they’re all very unique charms.”

Hanni also mentioned the members’ individual and unique charms, saying that each person is able to capture the atmosphere of the songs well.

“I was really excited to share it with Bunnies,” she added proudly.

S – Super Shy

For this keyword, the members were asked to express the love they feel for their fans.

“When I’m together with Bunnies, I’m so happy and receive so much strength. I hope that the relationship between NewJeans and Bunnies will become even stronger in the future!” Minji said. “And there are so many things I want to show, such as myself who is always growing and improving, as well as a new side of me. So I will work even harder. I’m always so thankful!”

Danielle added, “All the members may look brave, but the truth is that we’re all quite shy. Because of that, there are still a lot of feelings and emotions we haven’t been able to express to Bunnies. In the future, NewJeans will express how we cherish and love Bunnies.” She continued, “I want to spend a lot of time with Bunnies to get to know each other more deeply. My goal is to talk to Bunnies all around the world as soon as possible.”

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