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Katha Ankahee upcoming twist: Katha proposes to Viaan and shares her dream of a happy family, will this dream be completed?


Katha Ankahee upcoming spoiler alert: In the latest track of Katha Ankahee, we see that Katha (Aditi Sharma) decides to stay away from Viaan, and she recites at her house, where she talks with Neerja Ji about wanting to stay away from him. because of Tejji (Bidisha Ghosh Sharma), and we see Aarav hear everything about Katha that she feels for Mr. Raghuvanshi, but we see Aarav (Ajinkya Mishra) think that Mr. Raghuvanshi was the Ehsan (Samar Vermani) , and he called Robin and informed him that his mother liked one man who is her boss, and Viaan suggests that he try being close to them. Later on, we see Aarav reach Katha’s office and see that Viaan is there. Well, little Aarav really thinks that who his mother likes on the other side, Neerja Jee, makes Katha realize that she always chooses love in her life because Love Viaan (Adnan Khan) loves her, and because of his happiness, she has to confess her feelings in front of him. Let’s see if Katha agrees on this or not. Also Read – Katha Ankahee upcoming twist: Katha, Viaan are in a bliss after their love confession; will Aarav also accept it easily?

Finally Katha proposes to Viaan

In the upcoming track of Katha Ankahee, it is going to be super interesting because we see that Katha (Aditi Sharma) thinks very deeply about her past as well as present and finally decides to say everything in front of Viaan, so she asks Viaan for a dinner because she is now going to confess her feelings, but unintentionally, Katha’s inlaws reach there and destroy their beautiful moment. But we see an interesting twist: now Kailash Garewal accepts Viaan. Well, only one Tejji is against in the Katha and Viaan (Adnan Khan) relationship. Let’s wait to see how Tejji will agree and give them blessings. Also Read – Katha Ankahee upcoming twist: Aarav becomes cupid for his mother; will he bring Viaan and Katha closer?

Katha Ankahee Upcoming Twist

Katha Ankahee is the top-running show presented by the Turkish show, and this is totally based on a unique love story, as every love story starts with friendship, but this power couple’s love story will start with hatred, as we see in previous episodes, first Katha and Viaan hate each other, but slowly, their hatred turns into friendship, which then turns into a cute love story, and soon we may see a marriage between Katha and Viaan. Also Read – Katha Ankahee upcoming twist: Katha and Viaan’s romantic dinner date to be ruined thanks to Kailash Garewal ?

In the future, the track of Katha Ankahee We may see some super interesting twists and turns when Katha finally confesses her love in front of Viaan. Well, we see Katha hold Viaan’s hands and tell him about her feelings, and we may also see that Katha also tells the truth about Aarav. Well, viewers are super happy because they are eagerly waiting for this moment.

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